Thanks to reader Alejandro Blanco for sending in these results from last night's Smackdown live event in Des Moines, IA:

Opening match: Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel. Good opening match, crowd was really into it. Lots of heat on Slater, cheers back and forth for each guy. Gabriel wins with backflip off top rope into a scorpion death drop.

Dolph Ziggler cuts promo from backstage, saying he will win world title soon.

Divas match: Alicia Fox vs Natalya. Match starts out with taunting back and forth, slaps here and there, some good spots, but a quick match with Fox winning via roll up in the corner.

Jinder Mahal vs Ryback: Huge pop for Ryback, lots of signs for him throughout the crowd. Good match with Mahal showing some offense, but typical squash match as Ryback hulks up and calls to finish it! Ryback wins via pinfall.

A HHH video package aired, and tout is promoted.

The Usos vs Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis: Curtis cuts a good heel promo to get some heat from the crowd. The Usos got a decent pop. Back and forth match with quick tags for the Usos early. McGillicutty and Curtis worked the crowd well with taunts. Usos win with double team Samoan drop for the pin.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton: Huge pop for Orton, lots of heat for Ziggler. Orton starts out fast, using the Garvin stomp to wear down ziggler. Ziggler takes the offensive and hits a nice headstand headlock spot. Back and forth until Ziggler misses the fameasser right into an RKO from Orton for the pin.

Wade Barrett vs Tyson Kidd: Barrett looked good in his return, and cuts a quick promo about returning to his roots training in bare knuckle boxing matches. Surprised to see him out of the triple threat title match as advertised. Good match with Kidd doing a lot of the bigger spots. Barrett primarily using strikes to wear him down. Barrett gets the win with a short arm punch to the face. No wasteland, so I assume this may be his new finisher, but I hope not.

Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro (Triple threat match for US title): Huge pop for Sin Cara, as he hits the ring first, Rhodes is next to decent heat, and the champ comes down last with Aksana. Rhodes and Cesaro double team Sin Cara early working together well. Rhodes tries a quick roll up on the champ and they start to battle. Lots of action and some decent spots from Sin Cara. In the end, Sin Cara knocks Rhodes off the top with a flying kick, and goes for the cover, as Cesaro pulls him out of the ring and steals the victory. Lots of heat on the champ after the match.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus (2 out of 3 falls World title match): Del Rio is down first, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him and of course a lot of heat is on them both. Sheamus comes out to very loud pop and the match is started.

Sheamus is on the attack early and Del Rio runs outside for a breather. Ref starts to count him out, as Del Rio milks the count all the way to 9, and jumps in, and jumps right back out. Sheamus chases him this time frustrated and is lured into some kicks from Del Rio. He continues to work the arm of the champion. Del rio gets the first fall with a cross body off the top, while Rodriguez holds Sheamus' legs down. Ref misses it, and we are at Del Rio one, Sheamus nothing.

They continue as Del Rio is getting cocky and tries for the flying armbar, but misses and is rolled up for a 3 count. We are all tied up, as the action spills outside.

Del Rio throws the champ into the stairs and works the crowd for a bit. They reenter the ring and Sheamus takes the advantage, throwing Del Rio over the turnbuckle to the outside, very nice bump by Del Rio. Sheamus gets him back in and hits the celtic cross back breaker, and his 10 chest punches to the delight of the crowd. Del Rio turns the tables with a quick back stabber off of a Rodriguez distraction and locks in the arm bar. Sheamus rallies up and picks up the challenger and slams him down breaking the hold. Sheamus applies a Texas clover leaf which was fun to see. Del Rio escapes with yet another distraction from Ricardo, and goes over to attack, Del Rio sneaks up from behind and throws a head kick which misses and hits Rodriguez by mistake, sheamus delivers the brogue kick and gets the final pinfall, and retains the title.

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