Thanks to reader OLDSKOOL -E for sending in these results from last night's TNA Basebrawl live event from Bowie, MD. Justin Hanvey and Mike Money contributed to this article:

This is was the second line TNA event that I have attended this year. In fact, TNA must really enjoy our area because this was the fourth overall live event that they have given in the Maryland area. At the event in Hagerstown, The Baltimore Sun reported that about 800 people attended that event. That event also had the rare pleasure of having Sting in attendance.

This show had maybe a little over 500 people for this show. However, everyone in attendance seem to have fun. This show was clearly affected by difficult weather.

SoCal Val did the announcing duties for this show. It was good to see her. She is clearly a person that is underused during IMPACT broadcasts, but it's understandable considering Christy Hemme has that duty on Thursday. Note you could tell she was clearly managing the tech crew as they monitored Thunderstorms that rolled through the area.

1. Napalm Bomb (local Gutcheck contestant from Bowie) pinned Christian York. Bomb is a big strong dude, his moves in the ring were stiff, but I will say that he did win his match. The local crowd did start a "let's go Bowie" chant, which was funny.

Austin Aries comes to the ring to a solid pop and tells a little story that during his travels, he lived in Baltimore for a year, and it was a pleasure to be back in the area. Bobby Roode's music starts to play and a yellow Bullpen cart roles him in. Bobby naturally insults the crowd gaining much heat.

After going back and forth on the mic, SoCal Val and A Double ask the crowd if they would like to see a Battle Royal to determine who gets a title shoot at the champs belt. Bobby interjects and states that if A Double is going to remain at ringside so would he, especially since he's the real champ and Aries' reign is a fluke.

2. Battle Royal (winner receives a title shot later that night). Contestants were Magnus, Kurt Angle (who was wearing a Wizards jersey), James Storm, Kaz and Daniels (they drew the most heat of the night... the Claire Lynch angle didn't help A.J., but Kaz and Daniels know how to draw heat), Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt and AJ Styles.

Roode jumps in and assaults AJ as it appears he would earn the title shot. The first time I can remember a battle Royal ending in a no contest as Angle and Aires make the save. The main even becomes a six man match with AJ Styles, Angle and Aries vs. Roode, Ka and Daniels.

I think they had to improvise the main-event because as soon as they make the match, So Cal climbs into the ring and informs the crowd that a storm is right over us and that they would take a 15 minute intermission. It was funny because about 5 minutes later it started to pour and a "Daniel Bryan" chant starts. As the a group a fans chant "YES! YES! YES!," another group of fans countered with a "No! NO! NO!" chant. I don't think Bryan would have ever believed he would be this over.

With the ring covered, Earl Hebner sold his "I screwed Bret" t-shirts.

3. Zema Ion defeated Sonjay Dutt in an awesome match with many near falls.

4. Mickie James vs Gail Kim: This was a solid match featuring two of the best today. Mickie got the win, and it seemed like she tweaked her knee. Brian Hebner carried Mickie to the yellow cart, gave him a big kiss and winked to the crowd.

5. Magnus vs James Storm. Magnus said that the reason he didn't move to Maryland is because our women were too fat and that the drunk too much beer. Dude didn't check the crowd, there were some ladies that were out tonight. Regardless, Magnus goes home with Mickie so he is doing plenty fine with himself even if Storm really connected with a stuff Superkick. Storm wins, the fans went crazy for Storm.

Jeff Hardy came out to cut a promo when one of Aces & 8s (looked like Luke Gallows) came out of the crowd and an impromptu match was set.

6. Aces and Eights member vs Jeff Hardy, who is way over! Great job with TNA running the angle during the house show. I told the dude next to me that I think Jeff Jarrett is behind the group. Let's see how right I am later in the year. In the meantime, it was great to see Hardy and the unknown man engage in a hard chair shot exchange. Hardy hit him with two twists of fate, sending the member to the back, so I guess the match is a no contest.

7. Booby Roode, Kaz and Daniels vs Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Austin Aries. This match was a comedic match, and you could see the wrestles were just having fun. They brawled all over the stadium, and, at one moment, they were fighting on top of both dugouts. Aries and Roode, who have incredible chemistry, got into a Keystone Cop fight in the outfield. The brawl got so wild that we just all ran to the dugout side. LOL! If you were expecting a 5 star match with a wet field you are crazy. The match ended with Angle winning the match for his team with the Angle lock.

Unlike other events, they did not have people stay and take pictures after the show. Instead, during the card if you had a championship belt you could see all the wrestlers. I suspect the rain caused them to run over. As soon as the match ended it started to pour rain and they wished us a safe drive home. They started taking the ring down as the rain for the second time tonight soaked the field.

Major props for TNA digging in even though they could have just canceled, but they were determined to defeat the weather. You gain a greater appreciation for them because they were willing to wrestle even though the lightening clearly covered the area before the rain.

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