- WWE Legend Vader will be facing former TNA star Jesse Neal at a NWA Ring Warriors event on September 8th from the German American Clubhouse in Hollywood, Florida.

- Max sent word that "Miracle" is the name of WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro's new theme song. Max adds that apparently it is a remix of Dean Malenko's old theme song.

- We noted earlier that Sheamus took a shot at CM Punk on Twitter for his beard and hairdo. Punk replied via Twitter this afternoon and has fans speculating that he is suggesting Sheamus wears lifts in his boots:

"@WWESheamus yes. A 'sheamus' beard. Google Harley Race. Ya might learn something. Like the fact that he never wore 6 inch lifts in his boots"

- WWE's website recently ranked the top 10 top rope finishing moves. Here's the full list:

10. Vader's Vadersault
9. Justin Gabriel's 450 Splash
8. Sin Cara's Exploder
7. Shane McMahon's Coast to Coast
6. Legion of Doom's Doomsday Device
5. Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb
4. Rob Van Dam's 5 Star Frogsplash
3. Evan Bourne's Shooting Star Press
2. Jimmy Snuka's Superfly Splash
1. Randy Savage's Flying Elbow Drop

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