Lex Luger Interview - Kevin Nash's Controversial Remarks, Not Winning WWF Title, Jumping To WCW

On leaving WWE and going to WCW: "Money was definitely a factor but the contract I was offered at the time by WCW, for my career earnings, was not really a big inducement. Eric Bischoff was not a big fan of Lex Luger personally and really wanted me to prove myself a little bit...Eric took wonderful care of me after that...but at the time, it wasn't really a large contract offer by some of the other standards in the industry. But in WWE at the time, my contract had run out..and this is unprecedented, some people don't grasp this..but I had no contract. Vince and I went on just a handshake, a temporary agreement, for over five months...and I had talked with Sting, a few weeks before the initial Nitro show, and just out of casual conversation with Sting, I mentioned I wasn't under contract with WWE...Sting was blown away by that, so he went to Eric Bischoff..and that's how the whole thing started.."

Lex Luger talks about a lot more of his career, the product of today, his future plans and much more in this 40-minute interview. Check it out at WrestleReaction.net and be sure to tune in live every Tuesday night from 7-8 EST!

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