Sportsvibe has an interview with TNA Knockout Mickie James, who discussed her wrestling and music career. Here are some highlights:

Comparing TNA's UK tour with WWE's UK tour: "I think that the biggest difference is that the fans are different. With the TNA shows, a lot of the same fans are over-lap and come not just to see one or two of the shows when we're here, but they'll come and watch all of the shows. There are some fans that I've remembered from when I was in the WWE that have been to TNA shows.

"Also one of the nicest things when we travel with TNA is that we get some time to actually see some of the country and the towns and cities we are performing in. That's not something that happens with the WWE. I remember once we had a 15-show tour in 17 days and the two days we weren't performing was when we flew over to the UK and when we were flying back home –which is crazy. I think in January we are over here for 14 days and have eight shows so it's nice to get a bit of down time."

British female wrestlers to keep an eye out for: "I think it is always a cool idea to have people representing different parts of the globe. Winter (Katarina Waters) is British but she also speaks fluent German as she grew up in Germany. I think its great because when we come back over to the UK and to Germany, the fans feel more a part of the shows and the fans over here want to see the British guys and girls doing well.

There's a British female tag team I've worked with a few times in Ohio Valley Wrestling called the Blossom twins, Holly and Hannah. I asked them if they had sent their stuff into WWE or TNA as I could see them doing a great angle against the Bella twins."

If she has listened to Chris Jericho's band Fozzy or Jeff Hardy's music: "Chris Jericho and his band FOZZY have done extremely well for themselves and I understand they do really well of here in the UK and sell out a lot of their shows. I've haven't had the opportunity to see FOZZY or Jeff Hardy perform a gig but I would love to go.

"I think it is great to get involved in people's outside interests. Everybody embraces things differently and it's not an easy venture to break the mould of people only knowing you for being a wrestler. Some critics assume wrestlers can't sing but you never know until you witness it for yourself and sometimes it takes a little while to get the respect from the fans."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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