Source: F4WOnline

- Regarding Devon heading to WWE, it has been noted by someone in the company that people in WWE really liked Devon, far more than Bully Ray, but they don't believe there's a good chance that he will be brought back. WWE could end up hiring Devon as an agent or trainer since he and Ray have turned out a few decent prospects at their Team 3D Academy in Florida. As noted before, it's believed Devon has left TNA while Ray will be staying.

- Within WWE, it's believed that since both RAW and SmackDown General Managers are having problems is not a storyline coincidence. The current angles are that AJ Lee is incompetent and crazy while Booker T is being sued by one of his announcers. The feeling is that this will lead to Vince McMahon firing both of them so he can bring in a major name to run both shows.

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