TNA Impact Results: Aries Takes Aces & 8's Attacker Hostage, Final No Surrender Hype, BFG

Brooke and Tara talk backstage. Brooke praises her and says that this Sunday, Tara will wrestle again. Gail Kim comes in and she has a problem with it. Brooke says if she wants to wrestle Tara, then they can tonight. The women get in each other's faces and talk trash. We go to commercial.

Taryn Terrell is in the ring and Christy introduces Gail Kim, followed by Tara.

Gail Kim vs. Tara

Gail Kim gets the first advantage with a dropkick. Tara hits a high back body drop but Kim responds with a flying armbar and rushes her in the corner. Kim plays to the crowd and Tara takes advantage for 2. Tara hits a powerslam and a series of clotheslines. Tara hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Kim grabs Tara's leg and rams her into the ropes. Tara picks Kim off the ropes and hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner by pin: Tara

A video recap of Joey Ryan is shown. Al Snow is on his way to the ring. We go to commercial.

Snow is in the ring and says Joey Ryan is a jackass and that he got Snow's attention. He's going to give him another chance. He calls for Ryan to get in the ring. Ryan appears through the crowd with a bull-horn. He gets in the ring and they hand him a mic; he is wearing a "We are 87 percent" shirt. Ryan starts to cut a promo and Snow cuts him off. Snow says he must go through Gut Check one more time, with no judges; if he wins, he's got a contract.

Snow takes off his jacket. Ryan says that he already did and 87 percent agreed with him and deserves a contract right now. Ryan finally accepts and Snow says he must fight him to get it. Ryan says nobody wants to see Snow in spandex. Snow tells him he'll beat his a** in jeans and slaps him in the face, hard. Ryan rolls out of the ring and says he is going to sue as he holds his face. Ryan retreats through the crowd.

Joseph Park is approached by Bully Ray backstage. He tells Park to relax. He just wants to ask him a question. He wants to know what he has learned about Aces & 8's. Park says that is attorney-client privilege between him, Hogan and Sting. Bully tells him to be careful where he sticks his nose. (Foreshadowing?)

Aries approaches the guy who attacked him last week and tells him he will answer some questions or Aries will have some fun. We go to commercial.

Hogan is still trying to decide which team he is going to choose. Chavo says he has already beat Kash's team. Robbie E., Gunner, and Hernandez chime in. Hogan eliminates Kash and Gunner and says it's too personal with them.

Another promo for the BFG Series and No Surrender is shown. Joe is still ahead of Hardy on the Leaderboard at 2 with 68. Hardy is 3rd with 59 and Bully and RVD are tied for 4th at 55. Storm, of course, is 1st with 73.

BFG Series: Bully Ray vs. RVD

The loser of this match is out of the tournament. They do some trash-talking; RVD points to himself and Bully shows RVD his calves. Bully gets the early offense. Tenay and Taz ponder who's behind Aces & 8's. RVD gains momentum with quick offense and Bully goes out to regroup. RVD hits a sliding kick to Bully under the ropes and dives on to him with a flip over the top. Back in the ring, Bully works RVD's leg after he gets stuck and hung-up in the corner.

Van Dam fights to his feet and hits a series of clotheslines and Rolling Thunder for 2. RVD does a monkey flip and hits a moonsault off the corner for 2. Bully scouts a springboard kick and hits a kick of his own for 2. Bully misses with a splash out of the corner and RVD connects with his Springboard kick and goes up top. Bully counters the Frogsplash in mid-air with the Bubba Cutter for the impressive finish.

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