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As noted before, the September 3rd Labor Day edition of WWE RAW did a 2.83 cable rating with 4.19 million viewers. Compared to previous Labor Day shows, the 2011 show did a 2.99 rating, 2010 did a 3.00 rating, 2009 did a 3.83 rating with Bob Barker as guest host, 2008 did a 2.93 rating and 2007 did a 3.64 rating.

The stuff with CM Punk, Jerry Lawler and Sheamus opened strong with a 2.90 quarter rating. Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton gained 25,000 viewers while the tag match with Tensai and Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara lost 175,000 viewers. The second anger management skit and the other segment with Punk and Sheamus gained 370,000 viewers at the 9pm timeslot.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger and Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres lost 85,000 viewers. The final anger management skit with Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing lost 310,000 viewers. Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback gained 243,000 viewers. Kane and Bryan hugging at the top of the 10pm hour lost 55,000 viewers for a 3.02 quarter rating - a bad number for that time slot.

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title and Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder lost 591,000 viewers and did a 2.53 quarter rating - one of the lowest of the year. This was the big drop in the show and the period that killed the third hour rating. The segment with Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee gained 238,000 viewers while the Falls Count Anywhere Match with John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio gained 442,000 viewers for a 2.99 overrun rating - down a lot from usual.

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