Mike Bennett Talks SOTF 2012, If He'd Face Kevin Steen, Attending WrestleMania & More

How he plans on tackling the challenge in order to win Survival of the Fittest 2012: "I think I have the benefit of having been in it, and losing to Eddie Edwards the very first one I was in. That plays a huge factor in the fact that I've been there and felt the pressure that goes on and I know how seriously the fans take it and, more importantly, I know how seriously the wrestlers take it. And I think I benefit from having being in the ring with a lot of the guys already: I've been in the ring with Roddy (Roderick Strong), I've been in the ring with Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and (Jay) Lethal. So, I think I have an advantage as I have been in the ring with all those guys; I just think it's one of those thing were you just have to outsmart the next guy and having been in the ring with all those guys, it benefits me to outsmart whomever my opponent is. I think my biggest downfall will be if I have to face someone I haven't been with yet; someone like a Rhino, or a QT. So, fingers crossed, I get in there with someone I know; I don't know who that last two entrants are going to be but hopefully the last two are people I've been in the ring with. That's kind of where my mindset is now; as long as I get in there with someone I know, and have wrestled before, I think I'll do better than last year."

If he'd want to face Kevin Steen or not for the title if/when he wins Survival of the Fittest 2012: "I want (Kevin) Steen to be champ because, as the way it goes right now, the Ring of Honor fans despise me and they love Kevin Steen and nothing would make me smile more than taking the belt from someone the Ring of Honor fans adore so much. It would just be so pleasing to me to beat Kevin Steen, and then look at the ROH fans and say 'Not only did I beat your favorite person, but now I represent your company.' It would just make me so happy."

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