Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

The opening video runs and the voice-over guy welcomes us to the show. It's back to school season and this week we are taking WWE Superstars back to school with us. They show clips of Dean Douglas, The Genius, and Matt Striker. This is Damien Sandow's favorite time of the year and he insisted he be included in this week's curriculum. Sin Cara will be in action as well.

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Damien Sandow

A video montage of Sandow is shown. We go to a segment called Damien's Dictionary. The first word is "matriculate." He uses it in a sentence. The next word is "sophomoric" followed by "Valedictorian." Sandow says he was Valedictorian in preschool, grammar school, middle school, high school, and college, to be continued…

Video Vault: Bobby Heenan

A video montage of The Brain is shown complete with 'weasel' chants. They segue into Sandow's predecessor, The Genius. Dean Douglas is next and they say he earned a 'failing grade' in the WWE Universe. (Ouch!) Matt Striker is spotlighted next.

The 3rd Degree "Where we ask superstars and Divas our most burning questions":

What was your favorite school subject? Cody Rhodes says he made a 104, an A++ in American History. Natalya says English and the Miz says "all of 'em." Zack Ryder liked Math; Slater keeps eliminating courses and settles on 'gym class.' Brodus Clay says PE also; he was the "King of Kickball." (insert fat kid joke here) Kofi liked science. We go to commercial.

Sin Cara vs. Michael McGillicutty

William Regal and Josh Mathews are on commentary. McGillicutty gets on his knees and puts his dukes up to mock Cara's height. The bell rings and here we go. The lights go down and McGillicutty gets on his knees again and they lock-up. McGillicutty hits a shoulderblock and wipes the 'dirt' off his shoulder. McGillicutty hits another one and tries to power Cara's arms and shoulders on the mat for a pin but Cara does a kip-up. Cara does his aerial armdrag and McGillicutty rolls out to regroup. Cara attempts to launch into a splash but McGillicutty has it scouted and Cara adjusts and handstand slingshots himself back to the center of the ring. We go to commercial.

CM Punk gives a PSA to not try this at home. (I wish they had those when I was a kid, I almost paralyzed my little sister with a piledriver. She has neck problems to this day).

We are back and McGillicutty is in control. He is keeping Cara grounded. McGillicutty hits a bodyslam and a measured elbow from the corner for 2. Cara hits an armdrag and rolls through a body-scissors for 2. McGillicutty hits a snap-suplex for another near-fall. He talks some trash to Cara. Sin Cara creates some space and connects with a head-scissors take-down and a dropkick which sends McGillicutty out of the ring. Cara connects with a splash to the outside. Cara sends him back in and hits a beautiful crossbody in the middle of the ring for 2. Cara counters a Tilt-A-Whirl into a faceplant for the abrupt win.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

We go to commercial.

The 1-Year Anniversary of be a Star red carpet is shown. Ryan Lochte, DJ Pauly D, and Piers Morgan are among the celebrity guests, also Terry Crews. (Anyone remember T-Money from Battle Dome?)

Next week, we go spanning the globe. First stop: South Africa and Justin Gabriel in an International edition of Saturday Morning Slam.

But before we go…Damien Sandow wants to make another effort to reach a member of the WWE Universe. The final word of the day is 'curriculum.' Sandow wishes us a "very successful and prosperous school year, you're welcome."

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