This Week's WWE NXT Recap: Ascension Vs. Uso's, Rollins Speaks, Ricky Steamboat And More

This Week's WWE NXT Recap: Ascension Vs. Uso's, Rollins Speaks, Ricky Steamboat And More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Welcome to the WWE NXT Recap.

Tonight, we will hear from NXT Champion, Seth Rollins.

Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno

We see a video of Steamboat saving Jake Carter from Ohno from 2 weeks ago. Steamboat applies a headlock and hits a shoulderblock for a quick 1. They get into a shoving match. Steamboat hits some chops to the chest in the corner. Regal says Richie has more of a mean streak than his father did. Richie sends Ohno in and follows but Ohno gets a big boot up. Richie quickly shakes it off and hits a series of offense but Ohno thumbs him in the eye. Ohno gets on one knee and pleads with the ref that it was an accident. Richie lands kicks from a seated position out of the corner but Ohno goes back to the eye and the bell rings.

Winner by disqualification: Richie Steamboat

Ohno kicks Richie out of the ring as he holds his eye. Ohno drops him across the security rail and throws him in the ring as the bell repeatedly rings. Ohno hits his patented rolling elbow to the back of Steamboat's head and laughs over his prey's carcass. Several refs call him off. Ohno smiles maniacally on the stage. Ricky Steamboat rushes to the ring from the crowd and screams at the refs. We go to break.

Audrey Marie vs. Paige

Paige gets some chants from the crowd. Audrey holds tight to a headlock and does a hiptoss. Paige reverses and steps on Audrey's hair as she pulls up on her arms. They start to catfight and Paige slams Audrey's head repeatedly on the canvas. They roll around a little and Audrey gets 2. Paige hits a knockout elbow and drops Audrey dead in her tracks. She gets on top and slams her head some more. Paige hits a strong clothesline and screams out before she hits a modified cradle-type DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Paige

Ricky Steamboat is frantically looking for the trainer's room backstage when he runs into Ohno. Kassius offers his hand and introduces himself. Ohno says that Richie doesn't have a lot of potential and asks Ricky if he saw his son suffering. Ricky tells him how about attacking a man face-to-face. He turns Ohno's face to look at him and shoves him hard. Ohno starts to go off and several refs keep them apart. Ohno asks Steamboat if he's going to armdrag him to death and if he wants his career ended twice. He tells Ricky not to throw his back out. We go to commercial.

Percy Watson vs. Leo Kruger

Kruger crouches in the corner and smiles as he hands his necklace to the ref. The bell rings and Kruger comes to the middle of the ring in a crouching stance like Dhalsim from Street Fighter. Percy complains and the ref makes Kruger get up. Kruger rushes-up into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. He hits knees to the gut and clubbing forearms on the ropes. Kruger hits a snap-suplex and drops vicious blows to Watson's back. Kruger connects with a kick to the face and stomps in the corner and gets 2. Kruger continues his vicious streak. Watson gets in some moves and a couple of nice dropkicks. He connects with the Showtime Splash for 2. Kruger reverses an Irish Whip and drops Watson's neck across the top rope. Kruger uses a reverse rolling neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Leo Kruger

We go to break.

Jim Ross has joined commentary.

Brodus Clay vs. Ryan Collins

Clay hits some signature high-impact moves and gyrations. He hits a splash to win in less than a minute.

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