- Vince McMahon has been outspoken recently about expanding their online reach to ensure that they are on the wave of the next tech trend. Tout and Twitter are obvious top priorities, but he doesn't want 100% focus on just those partnerships and investments. There is a new Executive Vice President of Digital Media, Perkins Miller, that was hired last month who is currently aggressively shopping for those new partnerships. As noted earlier, another digital partnership is expected to be announced this month, likely next week (the week of Sep. 17th).

- In an update to my article last week about WWE entering a partnership with NBC about producing original programming for their new NBC Sports Network, NBC Sports is aware of WWE's strong base audience and partnership with NBC-Comcast. Like USA Network, they are looking for some strong leaders in the ratings and WWE is there to potentially generate 1-2 hours of potential ratings relief as they slowly begin to build the re-calibrated channel, which was formally VERSUS.

NBC Sports Network is still trying to figure out what they are and what will move ratings for them while also reflecting properly on their vision for the network. WWE fits into this strategy, similar to the World Series of Fighting - which right now only has a one event pilot green lit.

- Just a quick note to those that have e-mailed us, we never reported that WWE has suspended plans for the WWE Network. That rumor has been reported on a few other websites, but we never mentioned it. There are obvious issues with the Network, and it's highly unlikely that it will launch this year. The only update I've heard recently is that the turnover rate for employees hired for the Network has been high. Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer and I discussed the WWE Network in the latest episode of Wrestling Inc. Weekly, you can listen to it below at the 30:10 mark:

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