Re-Post: TNA Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video

Winners by pin and STILL TNA World Tag-Team Champions: Daniels & Kazarian

Hogan's music hits and he congratulates Daniels & Kazarian. He says AJ thinks he can beat them both at the same time. Hogan says he doesn't believe AJ so he makes a match for No Surrender: Daniels & Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles for the titles. We get a No Surrender card-rundown.

Aries walks his hostage toward the ring. We go to commercial.

Batista and King Mo do a promo for MMA Uncensored Live. Next.

Aries brings his handcuffed hostage down and puts him on his knees in the ring. Aries calls out Aces & 8's for an exchange. He wants a fight with the guy that broke his arm, this Sunday, not a match. Aries says the deal is off if nobody comes out. Aries goes back to plan 'A' to beat the information out of "Mike." A masked man comes out with a hammer but he hits "Mike" on the head with it. Aries tackles him through the ropes. They mix it up in the ring, fighting toe-to-toe.

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