TNA No Surrender Results - Bound For Glory Main Event Set, Aces & 8s Attack, More

A "Devon's better" chant breaks out to start. Ray stalls after the bell rings. Ray runs his mouth to Storm and they meet in the middle of the match. Storm spits on Ray. Ray whines to Earl Hebner about this and goes to the floor. Ray grabs a Storm fan sign and tears it up. He throws a chair into the side of the ring before coming back in. They finally lock up and Ray takes it to the corner. Ray smacks Storm in the chest and Storm slaps him in the mouth. A "you got b---h slapped" chant breaks out now. They go to lock up again but Ray stalls some more.

Storm finally gets his hands on Ray and unloads on him. Ray goes back to the floor to regroup again. They lock up again and Ray takes it back to the corner. Ray with a big body shot and right hands now. Storm fires back and unloads with rights in the corner. Storm whips Ray into the corner and he goes down on his face. Ray rakes at Storm's eyes and turns things around. Ray takes Storm from corner to corner. They run the ropes and Storm backdrops Ray before hitting him with a clothesline for 2. Ray goes back to the floor but Storm follows him. Storm slams him into the steel steps before they come back in the ring. Storm goes for the Last Call kick but gets hung up on the rope. Ray takes advantage and runs him over. Ray smacks Storm and continues the attack.

Ray applies a big bearhug now. Storm fights out but Ray runs over him with a big boot for a 2 count. Ray with a suplex and another pin attempt. Ray works Storm over in the corner some more. Ray argues with Hebner. Hebner backs him into the corner and tells him off. Ray splashes Storm in the corner and hits him with another big right hand to the face. Ray with rights to the face from the second rope now. Storm with a low blow and a powerbomb out of the corner for a 2 count. They both trade shots from their knees now. Ray dumps Storm to the apron but Storm kicks him in the head. Storm with a big crossbody from the top for another 2 count. Ray with a big sideslam for a 2 count. Storm with a crucifix pin for 2. Storm catches a big boot and hits an enziguri. Storm accidentally splashes Hebner and down he goes. Ray hits the Bubba Bomb and everyone is down now. Another referee runs down and Ray covers for a 2 count. Ray goes to the second rope for a splash but Storm moves out of the way. Storm accidentally knocks out the other referee with a forearm shot. Storm tries to wake Hebner up now. Ray misses a clothesline. Storm hits the knees to the gut on Ray but he falls into Hebner and he goes down again. Storm with the Last Call on Ray but the referee is out. Bobby Roode runs down and breaks a beer bottle over Storm's head as the crowd boos. Roode puts Ray's arm over Storm as Hebner barely wakes up for the pin.

Winner: Bully Ray

- After the match, Roode heads up the ramp with a smirk on his face while Storm, Ray and Hebner are still down in the ring trying to recover. We get replays and come back to Ray alone in the ring. It will be Ray vs. Hardy in the finals tonight.

- JB is backstage with Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher. She talks about how Tara is her best friend. Tessmacher says she's the wrestler she is today because of Tara and she owes everything to her. Tessmacher says the loss to Tara on Impact was hard to her. Tessmacher says she needs this match to prove the student can beat the teacher.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

We go to the ring where announcer Christy Hemme is with referee Taryn Terrell. Out first comes the challenger Tara followed by TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher.

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