- JB is backstage with Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher. She talks about how Tara is her best friend. Tessmacher says she's the wrestler she is today because of Tara and she owes everything to her. Tessmacher says the loss to Tara on Impact was hard to her. Tessmacher says she needs this match to prove the student can beat the teacher.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

We go to the ring where announcer Christy Hemme is with referee Taryn Terrell. Out first comes the challenger Tara followed by TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher.

The bell rings and they lock up, going to the corner. They break and lock up again, going to the other corner and breaking again. Tara takes control and then they trade holds. More back and forth until Tara arm drags her across the ring. Tessmacher with a headlock takedown now. Tara with a headlock now as the back and forth continues. Tara with a shoulderblock. Tara blocks hip tosses with a backslide for 2. They trade pin attempts now and Tessmacher goes to the floor to regroup.

Tessmacher comes back in and Tara sneaks a pin in for 2. Tessmacher with a pair of arm drags now. Taryn separates them on the ropes. Tara and Tessmacher have words now. Tara slaps her to the mat. Tessmacher tackles her and unloads with right hands. Tessmacher fires back with more offense. Tessmacher with a clothesline from the second rope. Tara blocks a move and elbows her in the back. Tara with a splash in the corner and a sideslam for 2. Tara takes Tessmacher to the top for a superplex for 2. Another pin attempt by Tara. And another as she gets frustrated.

Tara goes for the Widow's Peak but Tessmacher slides out and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

- After the match, Tessmacher extends her hand and Tara shakes it before leaving the ring. Tessmacher celebrates as we go to replays.

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