- We go backstage where Bobby Roode is being taken away by police. Hulk Hogan is yelling at him for ruining for Bound For Glory Series. Roode yells back at him when James Storm attacks. They brawl until Roode is taken away.

- We get a video looking at Austin Aries challenging anyone from Aces & 8s.

- We go to the ring and out comes TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. Taz mentions that Roode and Storm were both taken to jail. Aries is dressed in street fight clothes. He cuts a promo on Aces & 8s and says this is war so there are no rules. Aries tells the big man from Aces & 8s to come down and fight.

The Armbreaker (the former Luke Gallows) from Aces & 8s comes walking to the ring, taking his time. Aries stomps him as he tries to enter. The man keeps trying to get in the ring but Aries stops him. Aries sits up on the rope now and allows the man to come in. He gets on the apron and Aries dropkicks him off. Aries runs and kicks him back into the barrier. Aries goes to the floor and unloads on the mystery man. Aries whips him into the steel steps and continues the attack. Aries brings it back in the ring and unloads in the corner. Aries with a series of right hands. Aries tries to take the mask off but gets hit with a low blow and falls down to the floor.

Aries tries to come back in but gets knocked back to the floor. The Armbreaker works Aries over around the ring now. He throws Aries hard into the steel steps. The attack continues before he brings it back in the ring. Aries gets beat down in the corner before Armbreaker hits a big splash and a clothesline. He picks Aries up for a powerbomb and holds Aries in the air. Aries opens a bag of powder and throws it in Armbreaker's eyes. Aries falls to the mat and unloads in the corner. Aries connects with a dropkick and the man goes down, rolling to the floor. Aries goes to the top and leaps out, taking the big man down on the floor. Aries fights the man on the ramp now. Aries goes down hard face first on the apron and the big man takes back control. He brings a steel chair in the ring and waits for Aries to get up. Aries hits him with a roll of coins to the face. Aries picks the big man up for a brainbuster and nails it. Aces & 8s storm the ring and beat Aries down now. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and many others run down now and even the odds. Nobody is left in the ring now but TNA wrestlers as Hulk Hogan comes walking down with a baseball bat.

Hogan wants Aces & 8s removed from the building and the place locked down. Bully Ray alerts Hogan that Jeff Hardy is down. Taz recalls seeing one of the Aces & 8s taking Hardy down during the brawl. Hardy is clutching his shoulder as trainers come down to check on him. Hogan tells security to lock the entire arena down and calls the police. Hardy is taken away by trainers as Ray looks on and the fans chant Hogan's name. Taz and Tenay show us a replay of what happened during the brawl. Jeff Hardy was sent shoulder first into the ring post by one of the Aces & 8s members. Tenay and Taz wonder if Hardy will be able to compete in the Bound For Glory Series finals.

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