Dave Meltzer Discusses Appearing On 'Donahue' With Vince McMahon, WON, UFC, '90s Wrestling, More

Jim Crockett Promotions? Yes, I could see that because I knew they were losing money and making mistakes and things like that. I just thought that WWF had enough of a foundation. If there were money issues, they could find investors because people would go, 'Hey, WWF was big.' I just thought that because of what they did in the late '80s and the popularity of it in the late '80s, it would somehow survive even if it was losing money for a while.

It was always, to me, the right talent and the right angle away from turning around. I always knew that, every wrestling company is. It's just that sometime it doesn't happen. I always thought as long as they were in business, the chance of the right guy walking through the door with the right angle and something happening -- I thought it was always there. So, no -- I knew that there was a possibility because with every business, there is. But, as far as whether there was ever a point where I believed -- Oh, my God, they're really going to go out of business? I never believed for a second that they were actually going to go out of business when they were losing money. No.

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