As noted earlier, Jerry Lawler collapsed during commentary during the Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young match on RAW tonight.

A visibly distraught Michael Cole told fans that EMTs administered CPR to Lawler backstage, and that this was "not part of tonight's entertainment."

Arda Ocal, who is at tonight's RAW, wrote the following on his Twitter about Lawler collapsing: "Something is going on with Jerry Lawler right now at the commentary table... It looks like he collapsed. Not part of show. He is being carried away by personnel to the backstage area. He appeared unconscious as he was being carried. I sincerely hope Jerry is OK. When I looked over he was hunched over convulsing in his seat and collapsed, then multiple ppl carried him out"

After no commentary for several segments, Cole provided an update, stating that Lawler was taken to a local hospital in Montreal and is being given oxygen. He went on to note that Lawler was breathing on his own, and that out of respect to Lawler, that there would be no more commentary for tonight's show.

Later in the show, Cole provided the following update:

"I want to preface this by saying that this is not part of tonight's entertainment, this is a real-life situation. My broadcast colleague, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, earlier on tonight collapsed mid-match while on commentary. He fell out of his chair to the floor below. Doctors were here immediately. Emergency personnel stretchered him out of the arena to the back where he received CPR. We were told when he left the building to a medical center he was breathing on his own. He was of course receiving oxygen.

"We now have an update that -- we pray to God, it is a bit more encouraging -- we're being told that Jerry is more responsive as we speak. He is reacting to lights, how the doctors put the lights in your eyes, reacting to the lights in his eyes. He is in isolated ER, the isolated portion of the emergency room as we speak. He is awaiting a CAT scan. We are told that in typical Jerry Lawler fashion, he is fighting hard. Again, King, pull through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you... Come on King, get through this!"

Cole provided a final update at the close of the show, stating that Lawler's condition has stabilized, he is breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own. He is now being prepared for a CAT scan of his chest and his head.

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