Upon news surfacing Monday night that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler had suffered a heart attack during Raw, fellow wrestler Jerome "New Jack" Young, "The Original Gangsta," went on a scathing rant on Twitter (account located at Twitter.com/NewJackUncut) attacking the legendary Memphis figure.

He wrote, "Just heard about Lawler...f--k that racist motherf--ka...die slow,you f--king cock sucker

"If lawler dies,let me know where his grave is so,I can go piss on it...f--k that b---h

"Please let me know where they put that f--ka in the ground so,I can piss on his grave."

Responding to fans, he continued, "b---h,I'm not here to make you happy and if what I said hurts...GO f--k YOURSELF...FAN

"I don't work for a f--king fan so,if what I say hurts ur lil white feeling...SO f--kING WHAT...YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME b---h BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

"I have really out done myself this time huh...1st Terri then Brian knobbs gets knocked the f--k out,I beat da s--t outta balls and now jerry."

Young then revealed that his diatribe partially stems from James "Kamala" Harris, another Memphis wrestling legend, not receiving as much as adulation and support as Lawler after having both of his legs amputated within the past year.

"When Kamala was going through some s--t,nobody said s--t so,now this s--t with Lawler is supposed to touch me...f--k EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!" he wrote.

Young also clarified that he's not racist following his racially-charged rant: "Fyi,my 2 kids are from a white woman so,the next 1 of you m-----------rs call me racist,I will send you a free dvd...dammit!!!"

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