- MLW will return to India after eigth years this winter on Sony SIX with the "MLW Classics Series." The series showcases "best of" MLW footage and feuds, legendary matches and a young CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sonjay Dutt, amongst others.

- Speaking of MLW, Steven Muehlhausen of "The Fight Club Chicago" recently interviewed former WWE creative writer Court Bauer, who is the Executive Producer of the "MLW Classics Series." During the interview, Bauer spoke about whether RAW should have went on this past Monday after Jerry Lawler collapsed.

"You can always debate that, but on the flip side, if he had died obviously it's a whole new ballgame," said Bauer. "They were in the process of trying to stabilize him and perform CPR. You had roughly about an hour left in the show. I'm sure you can coordinate with USA network to just jump into a re-run of one their programs and just be joined in progress. Their is a lot of pride in promoters like Dana White in that the show must go on and when you can't do that, it's like your worst case scenario and its catastrophic.

"In this case, I felt they did a great job in regrouping by the end. It's still so peculiar to me seeing a ten minute promo between [John] Cena, CM Punk and Bret Hart. It just felt so weird and their was such a disconnect from it because real life was unfolding and there was something very real and crazy going on backstage. From a business point of view, yes you are living to your obligation with the USA Network, but I don't think any of that will capture anyone to buy Night of Champions. It will be a blur to people with what was said between Punk and Cena."

You can listen to the entire interview at sportstownchicago.com/fightclub.

- Speaking of Bauer, he and I discussed whether Lawler should return to the announce booth after his heart attack on the latest episode of WrestlingINC Weekly (at the 8:30 mark). You can check the show out below:

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