TNA Impact Results: Hardy Vs. Bully Rematch, PPV Fallout, Storm-Roode And More, Sound Off

TNA Impact Results: Hardy Vs. Bully Rematch, PPV Fallout, Storm-Roode And More, Sound Off
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We begin tonight with a video recap of No Surrender.

Mike Tenay welcomes us and says we are on the road to Bound For Glory and will address all of the fallout from Sunday.

Austin Aries' music hits and he comes to the ring in a suit. He gets a nice chant and he thanks the fans. He holds up his title and says it is the reason everyone laces up their boots. He says he may not have unmasked Aces & 8's but he took a piece out of their a**. He shifts his attention to Bound for Glory and he calls out Jeff Hardy to the ring.

Aries congratulates Hardy on his BFG Series win. Aries says while it may seem he has something Hardy wants, Hardy has many things Aries wants. Bully's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Bully says they are both lucky: Aries because he doesn't have to face Bully, and Hardy because Bully felt bad for him after Aces & 8's attacked him and he took his eye off the ball for one second. Bully says he has been beating Hardy for 15 years. Aries interrupts and says Bully's lucky because they last time they faced each other, Bully tapped out and Hardy beat him too. Aries says he and Hardy should fight again. Hardy takes off his shirt and Bully backs away out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

-James Storm has arrived at the Impact Zone and we go to commercial.

X-Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Tenay and Taz wish Jerry Lawler a speedy recovery. They go right at it and go back and forth. Dutt has his right shoulder taped-up and hits a nice head-scissor take-down on the outside. He rolls across the apron and hits another one, then a beautiful moonsault from the apron the floor. He sends Ion back in and springs in the ring for another head take-down. Dutt hits a hurricanrana for 2. Dutt is on fire. Ion hits a sunset flip and counters Dutt into a submission. Dutt rolls to put Ion on his back and gets 2. Dutt goes up top and moonsaults into a double foot-stomp and gets 2. Dutt goes back up top but Ion knocks him off and rolls him up in the corner for the win.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

Ion gets back in the ring and hits Dutt in the back of the head with his can of hairspray and applies an armbreaker and lets go after a couple of seconds.

-Daniels sits with his feet up at Hogan's desk and mocks Hogan as he holds up a photo of him. Kazarian is wearing a yellow Hulkamania shirt. Hogan comes in and tells them to relax. They give Hogan a glass of martini. Hogan says he is going to put the rematch in their hands, in single matches, and if they both win, they don't have to give a rematch for the tag titles. They complain and Hogan leaves but not before he offers them protein bars from his drawer.

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