Jerry Lawler's son Kevin told WREG-TV in Memphis that his father said he had been experiencing chest pains while in Aruba over the weekend. We noted earlier in the week that a friend of Jerry's also said that he was complaining of chest pains last week. Lawler was apparently planning to see a doctor but wrestled on RAW before he had the chance. Kevin told WREG that he thought Lawler looked rough in the tag match on RAW.

Kevin talked to WREG about the history of heart attacks in Lawler's family. Doctors told Kevin that Jerry was very healthy for someone who is 62 years old and it was noted that he's never used drugs, smoked cigarettes or used alcohol. Kevin joked that one of Jerry's only vices is chicken from Church's Chicken.

Lawler is doing better, as seen in the Tout video that was posted earlier. He could be returning home from Montreal as early as this weekend.

Kevin promotes an independent wrestling event once a month at the Raleigh Springs Mall in Memphis. He will hold a show tonight at 7pm where they will feature a tribute to Jerry.

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