Dave Meltzer Discusses What Wrestling Can Learn From UFC, UFC 151 Cancellation, Much More

Meltzer: We'll find out. I wouldn't have done it but it's Dana. You know what I mean? It's Dana. [Laughs.] If it was me, I would feel exactly like Dana did in a sense but I would have put all the heat on Greg Jackson and I would have protected Jon Jones. Just because, I would have gone, 'You know what? I need to draw money with this guy. I need to keep his rep.'

But then again, maybe the idea is -- and believe me, there are people that think this -- that Jones Jones will never fully connect as a babyface -- using a wrestling term. He'll never fully connect and that maybe as a heel and people paying to see this arrogant, self-centered guy get beat, you'll make nmore money that way.

There's a very good argument to that, I think that's actually a pretty damn good argument. Maybe Dana turning him heel is the best thing for him because, even before, people were not warming up to him. Then, the DWI didn't help, this doesn't help. Maybe the idea is we'll go all the way this way with it. So, maybe that's Dana's thought. I don't know

I don't believe that that's Dana's thought, but I haven't discussed it with him in that regard and he wouldn't tell me anyway. I believe it's what it looks like, which is that he was really, really mad and he told people he was really, really mad because that's just how he is. He was really mad, he had to cancel a show because one guy wouldn't fight when they gift-wrapped him an opponent.

I don't understand their decision-making at all. From their stand point, they had all the odds in their favor, everything in their favor and they pull out. He's trained for ten weeks.

How many times in the last two weeks before a UFC show do you hear, 'So and so is injured. So and so has been called that has won two in a row on small shows that you've never heard of and is replacing him and debuting in UFC,'? Every single show. You would never hear two weeks before the show, 'So and so opponent is injured and so and so who was supposed to fight says he's pulling out of the show.' Never happens. Never happens.

And you could if you're a prelim and who cares. It's a prelim fight. This guy, with everything riding said, 'I'm not going to fight Chael Sonnen.' Who's got everything against him. He's lucky that they found Chael Sonnen who would say yes. They could have found somebody who trained for ten weeks and moved a guy who was in the semi-main like when Georges St. Pierre got hurt before the match with [Carlos] Condit. They could move [Nick] Diaz up.

WrestlingINC: It blew my mind. The pro wrestling booker in me kicked in and I had said that if he wins, he's takes out a guy [Sonnen] that he doesn't like pretty much for good. He would've lost at light-heavyweight and at middleweight. If he [Jones] lost, then a rematch with Sonnen for the title would probably one of the biggest fights of all time.

Meltzer: Exactly. The other reason it was a no-lose situation is that if he lost, he has an excuse. They're going to give him another rematch for doing them the favor and the rematch is going to be gigantic. Another thing: For a short-notice, one week fight, who would you want to fight more than Chael? I'm not even talking about because Chael is beatable but because Chael in the last week is going to spend his time talking this fight up.

They would do more business with Chael than they would have done with Henderson. A lot more, a lot more. The whole idea of, 'Well, [Lyoto] Machida's more deserving.' Absolutely! But I will tell you that there is no way that they're going to do the business with Machida that they would with Chael. Or Vitor Belfort for that matter.

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