Dave Meltzer Discusses What Wrestling Can Learn From UFC, UFC 151 Cancellation, Much More

Do they get that? That's what really bothers me. Jon Jones, look at your big picture. You're trying to get over as a merchandise seller. You cut your own throat because you don't get it. It's not even Jon, I'm not mad at Jon. It's just people who should have ben smarter. They gift-wrapped you an opponent in a no-lose situation. 'What if he lost?' That's wonderful! Don't you get it? There's no lose because -- OK, he lost so he's not Superman.'

You know what? It's sometimes better not to be Superman. Sometimes, people get mad at Superman. You know what I mean? Look at John Cena. People are mad at him for being Superman. Jon Jones, normal guy, having to work his way back up. It's probably going to make him more popular. I'm not telling him to throw a fight but Jon Jones losing a fight is not the end of the world for Jon Jones and it's not necessarily bad for him, either.

WrestlingINC: It seems like an issue with Greg Jackson's camp about not fully getting business. I remember Rashad Evans turned down a fight awhile back with Randy Couture to face Thiago Silva.

Meltzer: Same thing. It was a great pay day. Yeah, he could have lost his title shot, but it wouldn't have been the end of Rashad's career losing to Randy Couture. People thought Randy was better than he probably was at the time anyway.

Here's the thing with the Rashad-Couture thing. I don't know if you know this, but you may. When he was offered Randy Couture, he didn't want to take the fight because [of what] Randy Couture was rated -- he would have taken the fight with somebody else but nobody else was available. But he thought Randy Couture is coming back in the division and he's not ranked high enough. It's like, you idiot!

To the public, Randy Couture is a living legend. He means more than like guy like Thiago Silva who you may think is ranked higher because he's won matches at this weight and Randy hasn't won in this weight. Whatever your story is. You have a chance to beat a legend. If you lose, you lost to a legend as opposed to some unknown guy who's in somebody rankings a bit higher. Rankings that mean absolutely nothing in the real world.

Rashad's thing was that he's not ranked high enough and he's too much of a risk. If you think he's too much of a risk, that's fine. But the ranking? To the public, he's a legend.

WrestlingINC: Do you think that they wouldn't have lost as much money just going ahead with the event with [Jay] Hieron and [Jake] Ellenberger as the main event, or do you think that it wasn't worthy...

Meltzer: You just spelled it out. That wasn't worthy. You get in that situation where you do a pay-per-view that all of a sudden doesn't do 100,000 buys. Do you really want to lower your bottom to that level?

I would have a tough time going to Ellenberger and Hieron. If Josh Koscheck [Ellenberger's original opponent] hadn't gotten hurt? I probably would have given it a go and taken my lumps. But nobody knows who Hieron is. It's too weak. That's anbother thing that peopel talked about, the Koscheck thing. If he was still involved? Granted Koscheck-Ellenberger is an FX main event. But at least, it's weak but I can go with it. But Hieron? Couldn't.

I thought they would just give him a new opponent. When I heard they weren't going to get another opponent and it was canceled, I didn't sit there and go, 'Man, you should have just bit the bullet and done the show.' I did not think that at all. I was just mad.

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