Dave Meltzer Discusses What Wrestling Can Learn From UFC, UFC 151 Cancellation, Much More

Again, not even at Jones. It was at Jackson. You're looking out for this guy's best interest... God! Especially when a couple of days earlier, Jones was like, 'I don't want to fight Machida because he won't draw a big enough buy rate.' Well, if that's what you're talking about is buy rate... Granted, on one week's build, it's tough.

But you're under contract to this day. Sh-t happened. It's unfortunate, OK? But, you're not going to get a better scenario to save it. They gave him the best scenario possible on every level. Best guy at hyping the fight, not in shape. [Laughs.] You know what I mean? Big name but from the weight class under. He hasn't even fought the big guys.

So, it's like they gave him every advantage. Yes, he could lose. But, even if he lost, he's got the built in excuse. They're going to save, 'OK, you did us this favor. You saved our show.' Again, you want to be in their good graces, they're your bosses. I'm not saying that you give up your dignity for it, but this wasn't the one.

If he'd come in and Machida won the fight and Machida goes, 'I'll fight him with no training on no notice.' Then, Greg Jackson says, 'No, we're not going to do it.' You know what? I would have 100% understood it. 100%. Lyoto Machida is difficult and you want a game plan with Lyoto Machida. You don't want to go in cold with that guy.

You know what Chael is going to do. You don't have freaking genius to device a game plan for Chael.

WrestlingINC: We're getting close to a year after the UFC on FOX deal. When it was first announced, I think a lot of people thought that this was going to be the next level for the UFC. The first event did good numbers. It was built perfectly. I think people were expecting that kind of promotion similar to the first event, maybe not necessarily at that level. But trying to get casual fans and people that don't watch MMA into it.

Now, it kind of seems like the shows lately are geared more towards people that watch the product anyway. I don't see much of a reason for someone that doesn't watch MMA to watch those shows. I know Dana White criticized you over your article over the UFC on FOX ratings. But, I think anyone beforehand could have told you those shows weren't going to do all that well. They are putting bigger fights and a title fight on the next one. But do you think it's going the way that it should?

Meltzer: It didn't go the way that I expected, I'll say that. I thought that things were starting to decline. Then, when they made the FOX deal, I thought, 'Wow, they staved off the decline.' Not only that, but now it's better television exposure. You're probably going to get some growth with new fans. You know what I mean? I thought all that and it didn't happen that way.

The first show was good and bad. It was good in the sense that the promotion was there. The feeling on that night was that this was a freaking big event. Obviously, the one minute fight was what it was, the rating was what was it was. The rating was a big success.

If Cain and Junior would have gone three rounds, that rating would have been -- I think I tallied it up -- it would have been a 3.9 rating. For a Saturday night primetime, it would have been a giant success. Giant success. It was a success but should have been a giant success. That's how I kind of viewed it. One minute fight -- that's the stuff with MMA, it's unpredictable. But, the audience was there.

The second show did fine and then the third show was hurt a lot worse. I knew the third show was going to be down but it was way down. Once you had that third show number, you kind of figured that fourth show with the Olympics -- I don't think anyone was surprised by that number.

But they're not great numbers. The next one's going to be very interesting. It is a good show and it's during football season so you've got great audiences to promote towards. Hopefully, for them, it does well.

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