Sheamus Talks Wrestling After Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack, Chemistry With Del Rio, Ziggler, More

Was it hard to concentrate on his match with David Otunga after the incident: "When you go out there all that goes through your mind is 'how is Jerry doing?' My thoughts were with Jerry. But you just have to do what you have to do. I was more concerned however on finding out Jerry's status and how he was doing. I mean I don't like Otunga anyway so beating him was fun and I can do that with my eyes closed. I was mainly concerned with getting to the back and seeing how Jerry was."

More thoughts on Jerry Lawler: "From my own experience, ever since I came to the WWE Jerry has been so helpful to my career and helpful in giving me advice. Even on commentary he has done nothing but try to help build my character and help get me over with everybody. Everybody was concerned for him. Everybody was panicking. I'm telling you right now there were a lot of sleepless nights on Monday and Tuesday for a lot of the WWE family."

On his ascend to one of the top faces of the company: "It all started with the Wrestlemania match because it was a shock to everybody. I always talk to Daniel Bryan about this, and I think its something that's very important. The 'Yes' thing really kicked off after Mania. I remember going in to the Extreme Rules match, I remember Brock Lesnar taking on Cena and there was a lot of hype for that match but me and Bryan were talking about how people really wanted to see me and Bryan at Extreme Rules. To me we were right alongside Brock and Cena because of what happened at Wrestlemania. We went into Mania and not a lot of people were talking about our match. There was no real hype for our match. We knew we could tear it up at Wrestlemania, but the way things happened afterwards has been phenomenal. Bryan has gone off and has had one hell of a run and had all those great matches with CM Punk for the WWE championship. I'll be honest my match with him was one of the best matches of my career without a doubt. It's probably the same on his side. But it's always about staying the course and staying true to who you are. But if you saw the promo Cena had with Punk this past Monday, it shows why he is the best in the business. It's no secret to John that I'm hungry and I'm not satisfied with just the World Heavyweight championship. I want to be the face of the company. That's what I want to be and that's why I work so hard. I want to be the man and be in John's position, but he sets the standards for everybody else. That promo he had with Punk on Monday was out of this world. It was phenomenal."

His thoughts on Dolph Ziggler and him cashing in at anytime: "The thing about Ziggler is that he has literally worked his backside off for years now and he really is picking up steam and has come out and shown even more what he can do in the ring. He is obviously the Money in the Bank winner. He has tried cashing in on me a couple of times and either getting his head kicked off or getting RKO'd, hence the match he is having with Randy Orton at Night of Champions, just because Orton stopped him from cashing in. The danger is always there, but let's be honest I am going up against Alberto Del Rio without the Brogue Kick with potentially David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez at ringside. I'm confident in beating Del Rio but there is the chance of Dolph cashing in, but that's what keeps the WWE interesting, keeps everyone on their toes and keeps everyone guessing."

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