Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Chavo and Hernandez talk about their loss on Sunday. Chavo is confident that he will beat Daniels to get another title shot.

Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Daniels immediately ducks out of the ring. He comes back in and they finally lock-up. Chavo hits strikes in the corner and sends Daniels to the opposite turnbuckle. Chavo knocks Daniels down and applies a side headlock. Daniels sends him in but Chavo counters and hits a backbreaker for 1. Chavo goes back to the headlock. Chavo hits a summersault off the apron. Daniels gets the upper-hand and gets 1 in the ring. Chavo works his way up from a reverse bearhug and hits a backbreaker across his knee. Chavo hits back-to-back shoulderblocks and a head-scissor takedown followed by a dropkick for 2. Chavo hip-tosses Daniels out of the ring. Daniels brings his title in the ring and swings for Chavo's head but he ducks and gives Daniels the 3 Amigos. Chavo goes up top and connects with the Frogsplash for the win.

Winner by pin: Chavo Guerrero

-We go to a Gut Check vignette featuring Evan Markopoulos.

-Tara is on her way out as we go to commercial.

We're back and Storm is in the back and says he is going to make Roode's life a living hell. He says next week is Open Fight Night and that it bad for Roode.

-Gail Kim vignette of her winning the first TNA Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory in 2005.

Tara comes to the ring and congratulates her best friend and Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher; she comes to the ring. Tara says Tessmacher beat the teacher and Tara was upset but also proud and happy. Tara says she loves her and wants to properly present her with the title. Tara gets the belt and puts it around Tessmacher's waist and raises her arm. She tells Tessmacher to go on the turnbuckles and play to the crowd as Tara applauds at ringside. Tara comes out of nowhere with a clothesline and a Widow's Peak to Tessmacher and stands over her prey.

-We go to an Aces & 8's and Jeff Hardy video from Sunday.

-Hardy and Bully make their respective ways, in a split screen, to the Impact Zone as we go to commercial.

We're back and Dixie Carter is having a meeting with the executive staff. She wants to know what the plan is because things are really out of control. Hogan says this thing is beyond the business and is personal. D-Lo Brown says they should open the doors and let them in. Hogan says that is a good idea because they have already proven they can get in. Al Snow wonders if anyone in the room could be involved. Dixie says that is exactly what the masked men want them to think. Bruce Prichard asks Hogan if it could be him (Hogan). Brooke is there also.

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

Bully attacks Hardy from behind before the bell rings and here we go. Hardy fights back and lands some clotheslines and punches up top in the corner. Hardy hits a couple of takedowns and gets 2. Hardy flies with a crossbody to the outside as we go to commercial.

Bully is in control as we return. He hits a back bodydrop and a big splash for 2. Bully hits a clothesline and spits in the air and catches it in his mouth. Bully sends Hardy into the pole in the corner and Hardy falls to the outside. Hardy just barely makes it back in before the count of 10. Bully keeps the pressure on. Hardy gets an opening and hits Whisper in the Wind as both men struggle to get up. They trade blows from their knees. They get to their feet and Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop and a basement dropkick for 2. Bully counters the Twist and hits a Bubba Bomb and gets 2. Hardy counters a Full Nelson and hits a DDT for 2.

Hardy goes up top and Bully makes him lose his balance. Bully brings Hardy down in a superplex but only gets 2. Hardy is favoring his left shoulder. Bully misses with a corner splash but Hardy also misses with the Swanton. Bully hits a Bubba Bomb but Hardy kicks out again. Bully gets up first but misses with a boot. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and goes up and connects with the Swanton to retain his #1 contendership.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA World Title #1 Contender: Jeff Hardy

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