- WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man wrote the following about filling in for Jerry Lawler on RAW commentary:

"Who would want to see HTM do commentary just for one night only to fill in for The King and help #WWE out?"

Roddy Piper doesn't agree that HTM would be a good fill-in and says he would take the job:

"I would stand in for The King on commentary till he gets back. Raw would rock! @WWE If @WWE puts the Honky Tonk man in for Lawler, time to stop watching! Put me with Honkey Tonk and he'll be sitting in the corner with Cole!"

- Randy Orton wrote on Twitter that he will leave Wednesday for Vancouver to begin stunt rehearsals, wardrobe work and table reads for WWE's 12 Rounds: Reloaded movie. So Orton will be working Tuesday's SmackDown tapings. Orton wrote to one fan that he will indeed be on WWE's tour of the UK in early November.

- It was expected that Eve Torres would be added to the Layla vs. Kaitlyn Divas Title match at Night of Champions as either a third opponent or a special referee. With the pay-per-view tonight, it appears Eve will not have an official role in the match. Speculation now is that she will get her Divas Title shot on a RAW before next month's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

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