- Bully Ray will be appearing on Zakk Wylde's Wylde on Sports weekly talk show this Tuesday night. The show airs from 9-11pm ET on XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210.

- TNA referee Brian Hebner is selling Matt Morgan attacking referee Brian Stiffler at last night's live event in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He wrote on his Twitter: "Want to wish @BrianStiffler a speedy recovery!! @BPmattmorgan came in the ring and took his head off and now Stiffler has jaw damage!! @IMPACTWRESTLING must do something to make our work conditions safer for the ref's! @BPmattmorgan doesn't need to mess w/us! Go back home!! Last thing I'll say to @BPmattmorgan . I have lost all respect for you!! Don't know what your trying to prove, but taking out a defenseless Referee is pretty low of you to do!That could have been me, or @TheEarlHebner !! We always gave you respect so were is yours?? Your point?"

- Here is the latest episode of Impact Wrestling Rewind:

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