WWE RAW Results - AJ Makes A Super Main Event, Jim Ross Returns And More

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

- After the match, Cara and Mysterio are celebrating when they're attack from behind by Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. They beat them down and hit their finishers as the crowd boos. Titus takes a mic at ringside and he's pissed about losing the #1 contendership last week. Titus says from now on they will do the taking. Young botches his part of the promo and they walk off leaving Cara and Rey in the ring.

- Still to come tonight, Kane and Daniel Bryan will defend the tag titles against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. JR hypes the tag team main event with Cena and Sheamus vs. Del Rio and Punk.

- The announcers talk about WWE's new partnership with Susan G. Komen.

- Back from the break and Cole announces that The Miz will debut his MizTV segment tonight and his guest will be Booker T.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

We go to the ring and Beth Phoenix waits. Former WWE Divas Champion Layla is on commentary. Out next comes the new Divas Champion Eve Torres.

Beth takes Eve down first but she comes back with a headlock. Beth comes back and unloads with right hands. Beth slams her on the back of her head and is told to back off by the referee. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but Eve fights out. Eve beats her down. Beth turns it around in the corner with a splash and a kick. More back and forth until Eve rolls Beth up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Eve Torres

- Eve taunts Layla with the Divas Title after the match. Layla stands up and they face off at ringside before Eve walks off.

- Still to come, Cena and Sheamus vs. Punk and Del Rio in the main event. Back to commercial.

- They show footage from SmackDown where Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay got into it with United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.

Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

We go to the ring and out comes Brodus Clay with Cameron and Naomi. We see Heath Slater waiting at ringside. Aksana and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro are on commentary. Clay starts the match with a big shot on Slater. Clay takes him to the corner. Slater takes out Clay's leg and turns it around on him in the corner.

Slater takes Clay back down and keeps him grounded. Clay fights up and out, sending Slater across the ring. Clay continues when Cesaro jumps on the apron and distracts him. Slater takes advantage and drops Clay for a close 2 count. Slater goes to the top but Clay headbutts him in mid-air. Clay hits a splash for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay

- Cesaro leaves with Aksana as Clay brings kids in the ring to dance with he, Cameron and Naomi.

- We see Intercontinental Champion The Miz walking backstage. He's headed out for the debut MizTV segment. Back to commercial.

- Back from the commercial and here comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. The ring is setup like a typical talk show segment. Miz talks about getting his own talk show as he walks to the ring. There's an upside down WWE logo, some chairs and couches. Miz compares his show to Piper's Pit, The Highlight Reel and The Cutting Edge. He says Roddy Piper, Edge and Chris Jericho were never as charismatic or controversial as him. Miz talks about winning at Night of Champions and introduces his guest - SmackDown General Manager Booker T.

Miz says Booker must be honored to be his first guest and this must be the best moment of his career. Miz asks Booker why he's against him. The crowd starts chanting for Booker. Miz asks why he had to defend against three competitors last night. Miz then asks why Booker did what he did with the Brogue Kick. Miz says Booker misses the spotlight. Miz says Booker's time is over. A "boring" chant breaks out next.

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