ECW Doc Filmmaker Dicusses New Film, Favorite ECW Memories, How Fans Can Help

Heyman was kind of a weaving the angles together. The Pulp Fiction promo stuff at the end of shows was just brilliant for it's time.

WrestlingINC: They got on pay-per-view in '97 and they got the TNN deal in '99. Did you think at that time that the company was going to another level or did you think that the writing was on the wall by them?

Philapavage: On, no, I thought it was going to another level with the first pay-per-view. The TV show... I was a fan up until the last day but, for me, there's a clear mark sometime in the summer of '97 where I felt things kind of changed. I was still a fan and they had great moments but it was never quite the same as it was from '95- to mid-'97.

But, I was always too young and not clued in enough to know the background and that they were always losing money and whatnot. When I saw the first TNN show, I thought that would be a big deal. Then, pretty quickly, I was unimpressed with their performance on national TV. Later on, I found out there were a lot of factors for that and you learn that in the documentary.

WrestlingINC: What were your thoughts when the promotion folded?

Philapavage: [Sighs.] Mixed, because I did realize that as far as the documentary, we'd probably get more access and we were in the middle of covering a story that was active. That's good. By the time I got the Tod Gordon interview, which was within 8 months of starting, it had become a very serious project as far as looking at it journalistically and objectively.

I knew we would get more access and people would become more available and people wanted to talk. At the same time, it was kind of sad. In my heart of hearts, that was kind of like the home team. That was the promotion I really followed and rooted for. So, slightly mixed.

WrestlingINC: So, you were planning on continuing the documentary back then even after it folded?

Philapavage: Absolutely. 2001 was one of our biggest years for the documentary as far as getting material and getting content in terms of interviews and footage.

WrestlingINC: What made you decide to stop filming it back then?

Philapavage: Money. Money. Real life got in the way. Myself and my partner Kevin [NOT SURE] have never been wealthy. [Laughs.] We were going to school and then when we came back home, we had to get real jobs. Real life got in the way. We wanted to finish, but we didn't quite have the access.

WWE kind of jumped on getting a lot of those guys under contract and different things. So, there was a window where we were doing really well and then it really slowed down. The original idea was to put it out in 2002. We didn't it have a complete film and we didn't have connections to get it out to the public.

All the things that I'm using this year that have really helped the project didn't quite exist at the time. From Kickstarter to Facebook to even cell phones. I mean, I couldn't afford a cell phone back then. It was just really difficult. We tried to start it up a few times because people would say, 'I can help you finish it.'

We had some deals on the table and it just never worked out. We had to support ourselves and real life got in the way. I thought it was going to happen a few times and I also thought it was dead forever several times.

WrestlingINC: When did you decide to start it back up?

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