ECW Doc Filmmaker Dicusses New Film, Favorite ECW Memories, How Fans Can Help

Philapavage: January. When the Arena closed, I got a few calls from people. One in particular that wanted me to finish the product. We had a long conversation and he's an old friend of mine. He said, 'What would it take for you to do this?' I outlined ten kind of demands that I would want because I was kind of settled on it not happening.

I was like, 'If it does, there's like ten things. He's like, 'Well, tell me.' So, I told him the ten things and he said, 'Well, if you'd be willing to finish this, I would be able to try to help you reach those ten things that you want.' Again, he was my friend and he said, 'Do this for yourself. I know this is the number one thing on your bucket list. It bothers you that you didn't finish this.'

So, I went back to Kevin, my partner, and said, 'Hey, do you want to finish this?' He and I hadn't worked together in a while. We still had a great relationship, we'd been friends since we were 2 and thankfully, he agreed.

We shot 15 more hours this year, ended up with over 50 hours of footage and over 60 hours -- some people twice and over a decade apart. So, it really worked out. I'm actually glad it happened this year. There was a long time where I thought that maybe we missed our window. But, it wouldn't have been as good of a film, honestly.

WrestlingINC: What can fans expect from the documentary?

Philapavage: It's very honest. It's made with an eye on your neophyte being able to understand it. This is something that we wanted to make that a wrestling fan can be proud of and proud to support. It's hopefully very intelligent and asked very penetrating questions about the style, the blood letting and the violence.

We talked to the wrestlers about why they did these things. It was very holistic. We talked to wrestling journalist who covered it at the time for context. Office workers, a lot of wrestlers -- and not just "stars" -- just everybody. Anybody who had the best story which is the most accurate and penetrating stories as far as the details of it.

We cover a lot of things more in-depth than have been covered. It's a very human story. The other thing I should announce and this probably hasn't gotten out there yet. [Laughs.] We realized that we want to do a commercial cut for film festivals to get it out to the public. That's probably going to be about 90 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes, tops. Probably 90 minutes, though.

We're also going to have an extended cut that's going to be over 2 hours and they'll both be on the DVD that we put out. So, if you're a wrestling fan and you want more in-depth bits of the story, you have that. Then, there is a shorter version that can be understood by everybody.

WrestlingINC: That's a cool idea. So, once again, how can fans help?

Philapavage: That's the big thing -- money, man. I'm stressing every day about this. We took our project to which is just an awesome site. It's sort of the brand name for this sort of thing. It's a fund-raising for artists and helps artists of all kinds. It takes a while to get it up there because they're very professional and they check everything and make sure you're a legitimate project.

Thern, you offer people gifts. Basically, if you help us get funding to finish this film -- because we're so close. It's so frustrating to be this close and not have the money to get it out there to people essentially.

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