Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- WWE gave tryouts to five independent wrestlers at last week's SmackDown tapings in Ottawa. Among them were Ontario veteran Tyson Dux, Edge protege Leah Von Dutch and Jeremy Prophet, another Ontario wrestler. Besides wrestling in the ring, the talents had to do promos with Steve Lombardi and William Regal assessing them.

- We noted before that the match with Sin Cara vs. The Miz from last week's SmackDown had to be edited heavily because of botches and that Sin Cara disappeared backstage after the match. Someone was looking for him and couldn't find the masked Superstar. One of the agents asked Justin Gabriel if he had seen Cara and Gabriel said, "I think he quit." They later found Cara as he filmed a backstage segment.

- WWE officials are talking about doing an instant replay storyline. The idea would be to change things to where the referees can use instant replays to change calls made. The incident with CM Punk and referee Brad Maddox on Monday's RAW may have something to do with that.

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