As noted earlier, Jeff Hardy's TNA contract expires at the beginning of 2013.

According to a source close to the situation, the primary concern for Hardy right now is to take time away from beating himself up and taking bumps full time. Hardy is a big advocate now of taking care of himself, which includes not overworking. He wants time to recharge and heal, as well as to spend more time with his family.

A WWE return is a possibility, and it has been something he's considered. It is not currently his primary focus.

TNA originally tried to strong arm him into re-signing by not not putting him on TV, not push him and telling him that they will use him just to build other wrestlers up. After TNA saw that their approach wasn't working, they changed gears and "started kissing his ass," leading to his current push.

Currently, Hardy wants a substantial amount of time off from being under contract and doesn't want to work full time anywhere when his deal is up. He'll decide where -- or if -- he'll work after that. TNA is obviously working to re-sign him, and are hoping that his current push will change his mind.

Hardy is financially set, and reports of him wanting to make one more "big money" run in WWE because he lost so much with his legal issues are said to be false.

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