WWE NXT Recap: Seth Rollins In Action, Trent Barreta Returns, Kassius Ohno's Sparring Session

Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE NXT Recap.

The opening video runs (the best theme of all the shows) and Byron Saxon welcomes us to the show. Today, Seth Rollins will be in action for the first time since capturing the NXT Championship, against Rick Victor.

Trent Barreta vs. Johnny Curtis

The bell rings and here we go. They counter each other a few times but Curtis wastes time gloating to the fans and gets a dropkick for it. The crowd is pretty silent so far. Barreta goes up top but is quickly knocked off from behind. Curtis starts to stomp his left arm. Curtis continues to work the arm. Curtis hits a fireman's-carry slam for 2. Curtis sets Barreta on the top turnbuckle but Barreta sunset-flips and drives Curtis' shoulders to the mat for 2. They continue to exchange blows before Barreta hits an Enzuigiri to the head of Curtis and follows up with an elbow in the corner and a corkscrew off the top for 2. Barreta sells the arm as he lands. Barreta goes for a springboard DDT but Curtis counters with a back bodydrop into the corner but only gets 2. The crowd begins to chant for Trent. Curtis goes up top but Barreta moves and avoids the big legdrop. William Regal and Byron Saxon discuss Barreta's recovery and return from injury. Barreta hits a running knee and hooks the leg for the win.

Winner by pin: Trent Barreta

Paige vs. Alicia Fox is next. We go to break.

Rhiann...err Alicia Fox is in the ring as we return. Paige makes her entrance.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

They lock-up and trade take-downs. They reset and exchange go-behinds as Paige rolls her up for 2. Paige does a backslide and a small-package for two consecutive near-falls. Paige flips over Fox and rolls her up again for a 2. Paige jumps at Fox and Fox flinches big-time. Fox slaps Paige who returns the favor along with a couple forearms to the chest. Paige sends her in but Fox counters her and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker across her knee. Fox hooks the outside leg and gets 2. Fox goes to work with boots and strikes in the corner. She takes Paige down for another 2. Paige lands several forearms and goes to lift Fox for a slam but her back gives out and Fox capitalizes and hits a suplex into a bridge for another near-fall. Fox continues to work the back of Paige. Fox drives Paige's head into the mat several times and then stops to gloat to the crowd. Paige is able to turns things around with a monkey-flip; she does a kip-up and screams her roar before hitting a couple of shoulderblocks. She sends Fox into the corner; they trade counters. Paige delivers a standing cradle-DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Paige

Also tonight: a sparring session with Kassius Ohno and Jimmy Uso vs. Conor O'Brian; we go to break.

We return and the RAW Rebound is shown.

Conor O'Brian makes his entrance with his Ascension partner, Kenneth Cameron. Jimmy, with Jey, gets the jobber entrance.

Conor O'Brian vs. Jimmy Uso

They lock-up and Jimmy gets some chops in, in the corner. Uso hits a diving headbutt in the middle of the ring for 2, the clotheslines his opponent over the top and to the outside. Jimmy tries to hit a baseball slide under the ropes but Conor catches him and drags him to the floor by his head. Conor repeatedly drives Uso's back into the side of the apron, then sends him in for vicious punches to the head as he straddles Jimmy. Conor drops an elbow and hooks the outside leg for 2. Byron Saxon wonders what motivates Ascension. Jimmy works his way up from a headlock and hits two clotheslines and a back kick to the gut of Conor. He hits a Samoan Drop and the Running Stinkface. Jimmy goes up top, Cameron gets on the apron and tries to distract, Jey knocks him down from the outside, but Cameron gets right back up and knocks Jimmy off and he falls to the canvas. Conor hits a Brogue Kick-like running front dropkick for the win.

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