TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Roode Vs. Storm, Aces & 8's Take Hostage, Aries Vs. Bully

TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Roode Vs. Storm, Aces & 8's Take Hostage, Aries Vs. Bully Photo: 1 Raiders Fan
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Tonight's Impact begins with recaps of Aces & 8's and Jeff Hardy's BFG win. It's Open Fight Night, who will get challenged?

We go backstage and Hulk Hogan greets Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq asks about Aces & 8's and says he's got Hogan's back. Shaq looks at the camera and shows his bicep and says he got that from Hulk.

Pyro goes off and Mike Tenay welcomes us to an unpredictable edition of Impact.

AJ Styles comes to the ring. Kurt Angle joins him on the stage and they make their way to the ring. Kurt says they used to be tag team champions just a few months ago but they were screwed by Kazarian & Daniels. Since AJ won his match last week, they have another shot. But Chavo & Hernandez have a shot as well. Angle says since it's Open Fight Night, he calls them out to the ring.

Open Fight Night: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Hector Guerrero is on Spanish commentary. Chavo starts off with AJ. AJ puts him in a head-scissors and they reset. Chavo tags Hernandez in. Angle tags in as well and they go at it. Hernandez reverses an Irish Whip and takes Angle down with a shoulderblock. Chavo tags in and rocks Angle with an uppercut and takes control of Angle's head. Angle hits a suplex to escape and hit his own uppercut. Angle hits an explosive bell-to-belly to Chavo. Kaz & Daniels applaud from the stage as we go to commercial.

We're back and AJ is in control of Chavo in the ring. Chavo works his way up from a headlock and hits a back bodydrop. He tags Hernandez who throws AJ away like a rag-doll. Angle kicks Hernandez in the gut and they send him in for a double clothesline, but Hernandez ducks and hits his own one-man double clothesline. All 3 men are down as Chavo reaches for the tag from the apron. He gets it and goes up top and delivers a double dropkick to both Angle and AJ. AJ fights a suplex attempt by Chavo and kicks his head off. Angle tags in and German Suplexes both his opponents and applies the Angle Lock to Chavo but Hernandez breaks it up.

Angle applies it again right in the middle of the ring, but Chavo kicks out of it. Angle tags AJ who springs off the ropes and comes in with a flying forearm on Chavo. Hernandez takes out AJ, and Angle comes in with an Angle Slam on Hernandez. Chavo hits 2 of his 3 Amigos on Angle before AJ breaks it up and Chavo proceeds to hit 3 Amigos on AJ. Taz sells the move. Kaz & Daniels look on. Chavo goes up top and but misses with the Frogsplash. AJ hits the Pele on Chavo as Kaz & Daniels run-in and beat down both Chavo and AJ. Angle and Hernandez had clotheslined each other out of the ring.

No Contest

Hogan's music hits and he comes down with Sting's bat on his shoulder. Hogan says the next tag team title match will be a triple threat tag team match between the 3 teams.

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