Daniel Bryan Talks Name Change, Who He's Dating, No Longer Being Vegan, Lawler & More

On his previous health problems when he first signed with WWE: "Because I grapple all the time and you're always against mats and stuff like that, I had three different staph infections in 2009. And that's not common. There are people who grapple every bit as much as I do or more and not getting those staff infections. I just have a really weak immune system.

"The idea was, 'OK, meat, cheeses, milks, all that kind of stuff, is every difficult for your body to digest. You're using energy to digest that.' By eliminating that and eating easier-to-digest food, you're using more of your energy to fight off bacteria. And it worked.

"I felt great until probably four or five months ago and, all of a sudden, I just kept getting sick all the time. So, I went into my doctor. ... Apparently, soy is -- even organic soy -- it's so processed and so a lot of people develop soy intolerance especially from over-consumption. I was having a lot of soy."

On his "preparation for the apocolypse": "Some of the guys have been giving me a little bit of crap because I just bought 300 pounds of freeze-dried meat. I've been preparing for this dooms day scenerio. [Laughs.] It last for like 25 years. I see everybody here is just shaking their heads at me. [Laughs.] ... Actually, I'm not doing it because I think the apocalypse is coming or anything like that but just with the hurricanes and stuff like that.

"They say you should have a month's worth of food set aside and five days of water. The 300 pounds is a little excessive but the justification is that I own a home in Washington State. Which is not realistic to live at when I'm on the road because traveling out of Seattle is a nightmare. So, I live in San Diego, so I have 180 pounds of freeze-dried food in one place and 120 pounds of freeze-dried food in another.

"So, you know, I'm... just ready. [Laughs.] Nothing weird about that, I'm just ready."

On whether or not he is single: "I am in a relationship with a former diva, yeah. One of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella. Yeah, much better then I should have done."

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