Re-Post: Impact Results With Tons Of Video

We're finally back in the ring as Roode hits a clothesline that just drops Storm. Roode throws Storm out again. The ref checks on Storm and Storm shoves him hard, which causes the ref to call for the bell as the men continue to brawl on the outside. They fight through the fans and to the back. Roode shoves the ref as well when he tries to break them up.


Hogan talks to a stage-hand backstage. Joseph Park never made it through security. Hogan's phone rings and Aces & 8's have Park hostage. We go to commercial.

We're back and Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talk about their match at Bound for Glory. Aries says people think Hardy is the only thing with something to gain. Aries puts Hardy over, heavy, and says Hardy has had a Hall of Fame career and that Aries wants to be on the same level. Aries says he gets all that when he beats Hardy. He says he can do anything Hardy can do and tells him to watch.

Tara comes to the ring and we see a video of her attack of Miss Tessmacher from last week. Tara berates the fans and says her new boyfriend, who lives in Hollywood and is a huge star, opened her eyes to see she is the best female wrestler there is. She says Tessmacher used to her to get the title. She says it's Open Fight Night and her victim is Christy Hemme. She makes Christy get in the ring. Christy gets in the ring and tries to reason with Tara. Tara asks who her favorite Knockout is and Christy says right now it's Tessmacher. Tara grabs her by her hair but Tessmacher runs out to save the day. Tara shoves Christy into Tessmacher and escapes out of the ring.

Hogan walks toward the Impact Zone as we go to commercial.

Brooke Hogan confronts Tara backstage. Brooke is disappointed in her. They both flub some lines. Brooke says there will be consequences next week. Tara tells her to bring it.

Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hogan says Aces & 8's have taken Joseph Park hostage. He says they have invited Hogan into their world, their clubhouse, next week. Hogan says to do the right thing and release Park. Hogan keeps calling him "Parks."

Aces & 8's leader appears on the screen. He warns Hogan that when he comes to their clubhouse, it's club rules. He says they looked at Park's computer and he's good. One of the members takes a sledgehammer to a laptop as Park cries out from behind a fence that that was weeks of work. Park points to his head and says he's got it all right there. The leader says they can take care of that too. Park is struck in the head with a hammer and he goes unconscious. Hogan looks on in disbelief. His lip begins to curl as we go to commercial.

We're back and we see footage of what just happened to Joseph Park.

Austin Aries comes to the ring. He drapes his title across the top rope and says he is the hunter and Hardy is the target. He wants to prove he can do whatever Hardy can do. He says Hardy beat Bully Ray twice and now he wants to beat him too and calls him out. Bully asks people in the back if Aries really called him out as he comes to the ring.

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