Rosita Discusses Her Status With TNA, Her Influences In Wrestling & More

It was around 9:00 in the morning and 9:04 was when he called, so that was he called and 9:14 was when he got cut off. It definitely took me a long time to be okay and talk about it. Right now sitting here with you guys I can talk about and be strong with it. When I got the PWI inspirational wrestler of the year, I was like you know what, I'm helping and this is good for people to hear, I have no problem with it. That day happened like any other day. He had called, and I just remember my mom frantically pacing and saying "no Michael, what are you talking about! What are you talking about! She turns on the TV, and I'm just watching her and she was like 'what do you mean you're there? I didn't know you worked there.' I knew my dad worked in the World Trade Center but my mom didn't. He had so many jobs in and out so she never knew what he was doing day to day. He would take us to that building all the time. My little brother and I would play with the walkie talkies, we were there all time. And she had no idea, I was like, 'oh that's where dad works, why is it on fire? What's going on?' I had no idea what was happening it looked like a movie, and she was like your dads in there right now! And I'm just listening to the whole thing. And my mom used to work there too, she worked on the 99th floor and he worked on the 103rd floor of the North Tower. She was just saying can you take this stairway? And I remember hearing saying him saying no it's too dark and it's hot, it's really hot, and I can't go this way and I can't go that way. And I'm just, for some odd reason, I wasn't in my body, like I was watching from afar, watching myself just frozen and listening to the whole conversation. Everyone else's story starts out with I was at school that day and my mom pulled me from school. I was home because I had a doctor's appointment, 10 years old at the time. I was watching it on the TV and listening to my dad's voice on the phone. I couldn't speak. I never spoke to him that day. But me and my brother had a great weekend with him prior to that. So it happened on that Tuesday, so the weekend before we had a great weekend with him.

"It's crazy to think back to be quite honest. I didn't get to speak to him that day, but I also think its best that I didn't. Because I had such a great weekend with him prior, I think it was the perfect way to say goodbye. I still think back and think what didn't I say, 'Dad let me speak to you let me speak to you! Let me say bye!' I still think would it have been better? But now I think, no I think we said goodbye in the perfect the weekend before. So I don't regret it at all."

Who her influences were growing up: "Most of them were guys, but there was one female wrestler that I look up to completely, and that's where my finisher, the moonsault came from, it's in dedication to Lita. Right off the bat, I remember seeing Rey Mysterio, a long time ago, and he was the one I was like, 'wow I want to be just like him!' I want to be the female Rey Mysterio, mask or not I want to do what he can. So Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, Halloween Havoc 97' was my favorite match, it was absolutely awesome. I definitely say those two. I always liked Shawn Michaels, there was something about that dance, besides the fact he was amazing, I think when I was younger I was like that dance is awesome, that little shimmy he does with his hips. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, HBK, and the Hardy's. When I was younger I went through a little bit of a rocker stage and it was because of them."

A three hour show and doing taped shows: "It was difficult some days because regardless of how good a match can be, some of those fans are so spoiled and have seen everything they weren't going to react to really much. And some of the people were tourists and didn't even know what wrestling was. It was very difficult. There were some nights that were really great but some nights when they have just seen everything.

"That's why I loved when we went on the road, when we did pay per views on the road, or tapings on the road. It was amazing, not only did you get a bigger venue but a mix of different people who are waiting to see their favorite stars and when they finally do and see how much we put into it, it's great to see how much they give us back. When it's live, it's just brings a better feel, not just to the people working, because there are no edits, no cuts, nothing. It brings the best out of the wrestlers and has a better flow."

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