Rosita Discusses Her Status With TNA, Her Influences In Wrestling & More

TNA Knockout Rosita joined Doug Mortman and Mike Riker on Busted Open. You can hear Busted Open on Sirius 94, XM 208, and Sports Zone 860: Here are some highlights:

Why she has not being on TNA television in awhile: "Unfortunately it has been awhile, and I know everyone was going crazy a couple weeks ago when it came to me being taking off the knock outs gallery page, but, I will finally tell all of you, I am still with TNA. I will hopefully be brought back soon. I am doing a lot more training and a lot of fresh new things. If I do come, relatively soon back to TNA, there will a new finisher, and a whole new look really. It's going be very fresh, very new. No matter where you see me, whether it is TNA or independent show you're going to get all of me and I guarantee you it's something you're going to want to see."

Being fan friendly and being a heel: "It was something that was very new for me because, to be quite honest, on the independence scene I was always a face. It was something very new and I basically had to learn on the job. Sarita, she did an amazing job with me and took me under her wing completely. It was fun though, I can say that, it was definitely fun being a heel. When you first look at me, you're like oh she's so small and she's not very intimidating. I mean, I was known as the spicy chili pepper Chihuahua-ish chick. It was different for me, but I would love to just come out as the real me and just be the natural baby face that I think I am."

Becoming a fan of wrestling: "It's funny cause of a lot people ask me that, they're like, 'Oh is the story with your dad really true?' 'Was he really in the towers?' 'Was he really a wrestler?' Absolutely. He was an amateur wrestler in high school; I still have his trophies in my attic. He took me to wrestling events all time when I was younger. I will never forget the time he brought us to an ECW event; it was the scariest thing ever. I've been a wrestling fan since I was really young, I think that around 4 years old I was telling my dad, "I want to be a wrestler dad, I really want to!" He was the one that actually taught me how to put on a proper headlock so whenever people compliment me on that I always give props to him. And my uncle was a pro wrestler in Puerto Rico so it was definitely a family thing. I grew up in it and couldn't wait to start. My mom was very hesitant, she didn't want me to do it, but when I was 17 that's when I got into pro wrestling school but the thing is that my dad always wanted to be a pro wrestler, and I knew that. But the thing is when he had a night job, and a day job, kids, and a wife, there was just no time to do anything. And when he passed away, and it may sound corny, but when he passed away I said, you know what, everyone is breaking down right now, and it's a world tragedy but for me, I always try to flip it to a positive. I always say from tragedy to triumph. I do wrestling for me and I am doing it for him."

9/11: "It was so much pressure; I think that once I brought this forward and once people knew who I really was and why I got into wrestling. You were going to get the good with people who support and feel a certain way either happy or sad and want to share their stories with you. Because I have gotten that with fans all the time, 'oh my uncle was in this' or 'I served in the military during this time.' And I've gotten such great feedback from fans, and I also knew there was a chance I was going to get hate form it to, and I did. Especially on my Youtube video, I've gotten people saying 'the U.S deserved it' and all this stupid stuff. I've gotten the good and the bad. I knew that once I did on the day at a pay per view it was going to be something that was going to be big. When they brought it to my attention they said will you come through with this and I said yeah I think I can. And when they asked me I just finished crying my eyes out with Micky James and Tara, like right before, because I was listening to the names being read.

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