WWE SmackDown Results (With Video): Edge Appears, Kane & Bryan Stand Tall, New Faction Formed?

Winner by pin: Damien Sandow

Bryan backs up the ramp with both title belts.

Cole and Josh talk about the Susan G. Komen campaign and send to the video. We go to commercial.

Kane is frantically looking for Kane in the back as he tears things up. He runs into Dr. Shelby who tells him to calm down. Kane says if Bryan doesn't give his title back, he will pull out his goat beard piece-by-piece. Bryan appears from a chest and says he does not have a goat-face. They argue like children and Dr. Shelby calls them off. He makes Kane promise not to tear out Bryan's beard if he gives back his title. Bryan gives him the belt and Kane says Bryan still caused him to lose. Shelby asks if Bryan also has a match tonight, would that make him feel better. With a pout-face, Kane says, "It just might." I can't believe I just typed that.

Josh and Cole send to a video of the Brogue Kick situation.

We go to Booker's office where Del Rio is already waiting with Booker's book in his hands. Booker walks in and asks what he is doing in his office. Del Rio has a problem with Booker reinstating the Brogue Kick right before his match. Booker says maybe it was unfair but Del Rio has to earn another shot. Booker makes the match that they have already been promoting all night. Del Rio says this is not over. Booker says it is and shows him the door. Del Rio throws the book down as he backs out.

Eve comes to the ring as we go to commercial.

Layla vs. Natalya

Layla gets preoccupied with Eve at the announce table and Natalya takes control of her. Cole asks Eve if she had anything to do with Kaitlyn's injuries. She denies it. Layla counters Natalya with a neckbreaker and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Layla

We go to another commercial.

The introductions for our next match take place, then we go to commercial.

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio and Sheamus are already mixing it up as we return. Sheamus takes control with a swinging neck breaker, gets 2 and tags Orton. Orton hits a dropkick and gets 2. Orton tags Sheamus back in and he sends Del Rio in but misses in the corner. Del Rio capitalizes. Sheamus hits a rolling Senton slam. He is distracted by Ricardo on the apron and Ziggler comes in to steal a strike on him. Ziggler legally comes in and resumes offense. Del Rio tags back in and Sheamus manages a slam as he gathers his bearings and tags the Viper. Del Rio bumps around for Orton signature offense. Orton hits his patented DDT and then coils-up. Ziggler runs in and gets an Orton powerslam. Del Rio hits a Backstabber from behind on Orton and gets 2. Ziggler tags in and punishes Orton.

Orton works up from a headlock and side slams Ziggler. Orton reaches for the tag but Del Rio tags in and runs to intercept. Orton dropkicks Del Rio off the top and Del Rio falls to the floor at Ricardo's feet. Ricardo helps him back in and he makes the tag to Ziggler just as Orton makes the hot-tag to Sheamus. Ziggler ducks a Brogue Kick but gets hit with the Irish Curse; Del Rio breaks the count. Orton comes in and delivers the RKO to Del Rio. Ziggler procures his briefcase but Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick for the win.

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