WWE SmackDown Results (With Video): Edge Appears, Kane & Bryan Stand Tall, New Faction Formed?

Winners by pin: Randy Orton & Sheamus

Sheamus and Orton embrace in the ring and celebrate as we go to commercial.

We're back with a look at the outside of the arena as we see footage of what led to the next match.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

Cody comes out and Bryan is already in the ring. Cody takes a decided advantage. Bryan turns it up with nice offense but he is preoccupied with the fans. He applies the No Lock as Kane's pyro goes off and he comes on the stage and makes the pyro at the ring corners to go off. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes from behind for the win.

Winner by pin: Cody Rhodes

Kane laughs on the stage as Bryan holds his neck on the mat and screams, "NO!" We go to commercial.

Daniel Bryan looks for Kane in the back. Kane shows up, laughing. Kane says they're even. Bryan says Kane belongs in a basement. Kane says Bryan belongs in a petting zoo. They bicker and look over at Cody and Sandow in the corner and ask what they are looking at. Cody says it's clear that their being the tag champs is a joke. Sandow chimes in and says, "This trivial experiment is about to come to a combustible conclusion." Kane and Bryan challenge them to a match, "tonight!" in unison.

We go to a recap video of the CM Punk-John Cena situation. Josh gives us news on Cena's surgery. We go to the ring for Brodus Clay's full entrance and then to commercial.

The Funkadactyls are still dancing as we return and Heath Slater is introduced.

Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

Clay does some gyrations. Slater plays his air-guitar and shoves Clay. Clay slams him and mocks the air-guitar. Clay hits a running knee and catches Slater for a fall-away slam. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre come in and attack Clay from behind. Slater joins-in as The Funkadactyls helplessly look-on and some little girl keeps screaming at the top of her lungs. The men hit their finishers on Clay complete with the Camel Clutch. Slater raises the men's arms and they take a bow. We go to commercial.

We're back and Cole reminds us that he will interview Jerry Lawler this Monday on RAW.

Santino vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro takes control with uppercuts and slams Santino with ease. Santino takes over with strikes and an armdrag & headbutt. Santino pulls out the Cobra but the Cobra is literally drawn to Aksana on the apron. Cesaro pulls the sock off Santino's arm and throws it. Aksana reaches in the ring for it but she loses her balance when Cesaro bounces off the ropes and she falls into the ring. The ref tends to her as Cesaro hits his impressive uppercut finisher and covers Santino. Cesaro gets the ref's attention and makes Aksana hop out of the ring as she sells her ankle. Santino rolls up the U.S. Champ from behind and gets the win.

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