WWE SmackDown Results (With Video): Edge Appears, Kane & Bryan Stand Tall, New Faction Formed?

WWE SmackDown Results (With Video): Edge Appears, Kane & Bryan Stand Tall, New Faction Formed?
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Tonight's show begins with the opening video and the pyro display; Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. Michael Cole says Sheamus and Randy Orton will Face Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. We are in Philadelphia, PA.

We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia introduces WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. Edge takes in the nice reception and says it never gets old. He says it's been 18 months since he's been forced to retire. He plugs his show Haven and says he has been able to start watching WWE as a fan. He says he's never seen anything like this: he sends to a video of Daniel Bryan and Kane hugging, then arguing, from RAW. Edge is interrupted by Bryan.

Bryan comes to the ring and starts to do his "I am the tag team champions" routine. The crowd starts chanting, "Yes!" and Bryan does some breathing exercises. Bryan brings up Edge's ex-wife, Vickie Guerrero. Bryan starts to psychoanalyze Edge a la Dr. Shelby. He tells Edge to go back to acting. He says there is nothing anyone can do to make him snap. The crowd chants and Edge looks amused.

Edge says that was not his intention but he takes that as a challenge. Edge lures him into a "Yes-No" battle and Bryan starts to go-off as Kane's pyro goes off and he comes to the ring.

Kane and Bryan start bickering and Edge has to call them off. Kane says Edge seems angry, which draws laughs from the crowd. Kane and Bryan tell him about Dr. Shelby's relaxation exercises; Bryan squeezes an imaginary ball in his hand. Edge tells Kane he can understand the vegan acting like this but Kane is the Big Red Machine, not "Barney the Big Red Dinosaur." Edge reminds Kane of all they've been through. He says, "I stole your wife." Kane says he remembers all of that and he needs to rectify the situation right now. He gets in Edge's face and Edge takes off his jacket. Kane outstretches his arms and Edge looks perturbed. Edge slowly goes in for the hug.

Bryan gets jealous and starts chanting, "No!" Kane and Edge invite him in for a group hug. Bryan's face is priceless as he goes in for the hug, as Damien Sandow's music hits. Sandow begs our indulgence and cuts an intellectual promo about the Kane-Bryan angle and berates the crowd. Priceless! Edge tells him to shut up. Edge invites him in the ring to do something about it. Sandow says he's a man of intellect. Edge polls the crowd in a "Yes-No" fiasco as we go to commercial.

Damien Sandow vs. Kane

Bryan is seated at ringside. Sandow gets caught with a big boot. Sandow retaliates and Kane no-sells. Sandow retreats but Kane brings him back in. Sandow sees an opening and puts the boots to Kane in the corner but Kane drops him in a sidewalk slam. Kane hits 2 clotheslines in the corner and another side slam for 2. Kane goes up top and delivers a knife-hand strike to the throat. Kane calls for the chokeslam but Bryan gets on the apron with both title belts and they bicker. Sandow attacks Kane from behind and hits his finisher for the win.

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