Thanks to readers Blue Thunder and Roland for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in State College, PA.

AJ comes out and is about to tell some bad news, but is interrupted by WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk says that Cena is injured and will not be here tonight. He took credit for causing the injury and said that he wins by forfeit. AJ said that this was her show and he will still wrestle tonight, against The Big Show.

AJ then said that we're starting out with a tag match, and introduces Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Next out is The Miz then Tensai. Good tag match, heels had the advantage for the first half, but eventually the faces gained the advantage. Rey gets the hot tag and takes it to Tensai before Miz broke up the pin. Mysterio sets up both men for the 619, but Miz escaped. Sin Cara gets the tag but botches his Senton and missed Tensai completely, yet still got the pin.

Miz cut a heel promo on Mysterio saying that he didn't lose because he wasn't pinned. He said that he was the best and called Mysterio back out and said that if he accepts a 1-on-1 match, he'll hurt him. Mysterio comes out and its on. In a quick match, Mysterio defeated Miz with the 619 followed by the dive off the top rope.

Next up is Layla vs Aksana. Aksana overpowers Layla early on, and controlled most of the match before Layla took over and picked up the win.

Antonio Cesaro appears on the screen and demands more respect since he's the United States champion and announces he'll defend it tonight. Fans can pick the stipulation for CM Punk vs. Big Show, with the choices being a Lumberjack match or a 2/3 falls match.

Next is Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater. Slater says that no one is here to see the Funkasaurus, but are there to see the "one man band." Brodus wins in a decent back and forth match after catching Slater off the top rope and hitting a suplex followed by the splash. After the match, kids entered the ring and danced with Brodus.

At intermission, the poll was 92% for a Lumberjack match and 8% for 2/3 falls for tonight's main event.

After the break, Zack Ryder is introduced as Antonio Cesaro's opponent. This was a candidate for match of the night. They had an excellent back and forth, and the crowd was really into it. Cesaro won with the neutralizer. After the match he went after Ryder, but was hit with with the Ruff Ryder. Cesaro rolled out of the ring and was helped to the back as Ryder celebrated.

Damien Sandow is out next, and cuts a promo about how he has yet to be pinned. Justin Gabriel comes out next for their match. Sandow dominated the match, but Gabriel picked up the upset win after hitting a moonsault/DDT.

Dean Ambrose vs Michael McGillicutty is up next. Roughly a third of the crowd seemed to know who Ambrose was. This was also a fantastic match, with both men pulling out all the stops. Too bad the crowd was dead. After a hard fought match involving a lot of action both inside and outside the ring, McGillicutty won with the swinging neckbreaker.

The main event is next. The Big Show took forever to come out. Finally he emerged and got a mixed reaction. Punk easily got the pop of the night, but Show played the face. AJ announced that this is a Lumberjack match. Punk lays into AJ, saying she might the worst GM ever because she's a woman. Surprisingly he didn't get the heat he was expecting. Punk said that women are horrible in charge and tries to walk out before the match, but the lumberjacks chase him back in the ring. Punk holds the title over his head for awhile before Show told him that he won't be holding it for much longer.

Show overpowered Punk in the early going. The crowd was now really behind Show. Punk mounted a small comeback, but Show fought back. Punk hit three high knees in the corner before hitting the bulldog, followed by the elbow. Show kicked out and started to mount a comeback before Punk got himself disqualified by hitting the lumberjacks and Show with the belt. The lumberjacks leave and Punk celebrates until Mysterio comes out. He too got a face full of title belt, as does Sin Cara, who came out next. As Punk celebrated on the turnbuckle, Show got up and nailed Punk with the WMD to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops:
1) CM Punk (during entrance) /Big Show (during match)
2) Zack Ryder
3) Rey Mysterio / AJ

Biggest Heat:
1) Damien Sandow
2) Antonio Cesaro
3) The Miz

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