Welcome to a "Championship Edition" of the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

This morning we will be looking at the history of the Intercontinental Championship. Also, Zack Ryder faces Sir William Regal.

We start-off with a montage of the Miz in this week's Saturday Morning Spotlight.

Fave Five: Intercontinental Champions
–Pat Patterson
–Chris Jericho
–The Ultimate Warrior
–The Honky Tonk Man
–'Macho Man' Randy Savage

CM Punk brings us this week's Pop Quiz: Who did Randy Savage beat at WrestleMania 4 to win his first WWE Championship? Hogan, Andre the Giant, or 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase? We go to commercial.

William Regal vs. Zack Ryder

Both men get full entrances. Santino is on color next to Josh Mathews. Regal tries to 'hush' the crowd as Ryder starts a "Woo Woo" chant. Ryder puts his fist out to Regal for a fist-bump and Regal says, "How dare you?" Ryder continues to play to the crowd; Regal takes a turn but his reception is a cold one. Regal's facial expressions are only rivaled by Daniel Bryan and CM Punk...Sandow too. Some fans' shirts, high in the stands, have been blurred out—apparently too risqué for a Saturday morning program. Regal takes Ryder down into an armbar. Regal bickers back-and-forth with Santino: "I've got him." "No you don't." and so on. Santino puts his hands on his hips and rolls his neck in comic defiance. Ryder rolls Regal up from behind but only gets 2. Regal backs off and they reset. Ryder gets the best of the exchange but Regal does a kip-up and throws Ryder but Ryder holds on to the armbar. Regal reaches the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Ryder lands a dropkick but Regal ducks out of the ring to avoid the Boot as we go to commercial.

Ryder does a PSA to not try this at home.

We're back and Ryder brings Regal in off the apron the hard way. Regal hits a single-leg and tries to power Ryder's shoulders down for a few consecutive pin-attempts. Ryder powers up from a test-of-strength and turns the tables. Regal does another rather impressive kip-up for a man on his age. Regal reverses and reapplies the armbar. Ryder reverses and gets 2. Regal keeps his focus on the arm and gets a monkey-flip from Ryder. Ryder hits a dropkick, which is not shown, and a crossbody for another 2. Ryder hits the Ruff Ryder, off camera, for the win.

Winner by pin: Zack Ryder

Santino cheers for Ryder at ringside. Regal backs up the ramp with his signature disgusted look as Ryder fist-pumps in the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to a video of John Cena surprising a little boy with a wish. We see a montage of various granted wishes. I got a little misty-eyed. Cena is a class-act.

CM Punk gives the answer to our Pop Quiz. He says, "If you got it right, two thumbs up. Good job." The answer, of course, is Ted Dibiase.

Next week we celebrate "Family Health and Fitness Day." Also, come hang out with a real-life superhero: John Cena.

But before we go, let's check back in with the Miz.

5 Tips for Being AWESOME:
—Dress the part
—Walk the part
—Listen to naysayers: prove them wrong
—Be loud, be heard

"Remember to reach for the stars; there's a WWE Champion in all of you. Have a great weekend and we'll see you all next week."

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