TNA Live Event And After Party Report (9/21): Aries & Roode Team, Mickie James Concert

TNA Live Event And After Party Report (9/21): Aries & Roode Team, Mickie James Concert
Thanks to reader Andrew for sending in these results from last night's TNA house show and after party in Winston-Salem, NC:

I showed Up around 5:30pm for the meet and greet and at least 200 people were waiting to get in. It appeared that they had interns walking around asking people what shows they watched and who their favorite wrestlers are.

After entering the venue, people were 'shuffled' to the merchandise stand, which was staffed by 4 people. I ended up standing there for 20-30 minutes before I was helped.

Direct Auto Insurance had a booth set up as well. They were giving free DVD's away if you received an auto quote. They were also doing a drawing for a $200 TNA merchandise shopping spree.

For the Meet and Greet they had a table set up with 6 wrestlers: Magnus, Robbie E., Robbie T., Gail Kim, Eric Young and Crimson. ODB was signing autographs at the merchandise stand while Mickie James was taking photos with fans.

About 5 minutes before the start time, one of the guys at the merchandise booth got in the ring and threw random merchandise to the crowd. Everything from Kurt Angle DVD's and ODB's flask to a bunch of Jeff Hardy stuff.

So Cal Val came out and was introduced as the ring announcer for the night. She welcomed and thanked everyone for coming out. There were about 500-600 fans at the show.

Match 1: Crimson vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson did the mic gimmick where he had a staffer stand on the chair and lower a mic to him. Anderson proceeded to call everyone an a-hole except Crimson... he was a douche-bag.
Anderson finally did his introduction, but before he could repeat his name, Crimson attacked him from behind.

Good back and forth match. Anderson went for the Mic Check. Crimson elbowed out of it and went for the Red Sky. Anderson reversed. Crimson kept control and went for, what looked like, "The Clothesline From Hell." Anderson ducked under and hit the Mic Check for the victory.

After the match, Anderson let a fan sitting in the front row say, "And the the winner of this match, from Green Bay, WI. Mister Anderson... Anderson."

Match 2: Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

Gail came out in one of her shirts and faked throwing it to the crowd. When Mickie James came out, she grabbed Gail's shirt and threw it to the crowd. Gail began to get into an argument with the fan who caught it. The match started, and after a small amount of offense, they separate and the male fan who caught Gail's shirt has now put it on. Mickie brings attention to it. Gail became furious and jawed with the fan.

Gail works over Mickie's leg. After some more back and forth, Mickie takes control and hits the Lou Thez Press off the top rope for a two count. Gail takes advantage and goes for Eat Defeat. She gets it reversed into the Mick-Kick for a 2. Mickie ends up hitting a jumping DDT for the 3 and the win.

After the match, So Cal Val informs everyone about Mickie preforming with her band at Johnny and Junes Super Saloon after the event.

Match 3: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Before the bell, a "Joe's Gonna Kill You!" chant breaks out.

A good back and forth match with Joe playing off the crowd. Solid mat-based wrestling throughout the match. Joe went for the muscle buster, but Magnus fought it off and hit the second rope elbow drop for a 2. Joe takes control and applies the Coquina Clutch. Magnus grabs the ref and low blows Joe to get out of the hold. Magnus covers for a 3.

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