TNA Live Event Results From Raleigh, NC (9/22): Storm & Hardy Team Up, More

Crimson vs Samoa Joe

Crimson didn't get much of a reaction but the crowd was excited the see Joe.

Joe was in control the majority of the match but Crimson did get in some decent offense here and there. Joe played to the crowd a lot and often came off comical and cocky instead of being completely serious like on TV. My favorite moment of the match was when a guy in the crowd wearing a Hulk-A-Mania shirt kept heckling Joe so Joe stopped in the middle of the match, stared directly at the guy and acted like he was going to put his hand up to his ear like Hogan does only to flip the guy off. Joe won the match with a muscle buster.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs Eric Young and ODB

The Robbies music hit and they walk passed the curtain and as soon as they do, their music gets cut off. "Man in the Box" plays, replacing the Robbies theme confusing them and everyone else in attendance. After about ten seconds of "Man in the Box" playing, the correct song comes back on and they make their way to the ring. Eric Young and ODB make their way out to the ring only to be met with a dance off challenge from the Robbies.
The Robbies fist pump to their music, which was more entertaining than I expected it to be. Afterward, ODB says to play her and Eric Young's wedding song prompting the playing of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot. Everyone in attendance was cheering and laughing at the duo as they even went as far as getting the ref involved.

The match starts with Robbie E jumping Eric from behind, and Young was on defense for the most part. Young stayed in the majority of the match while the Robbies tagged back and forth regularly. ODB and Young got the win after ODB was tagged in and kicked Robbie T in the crotch behind the ref's back.

After the match ODB and Young celebrated by once again dance to "Baby Got Back."

Earl Hebner stays in the ring and it is announced that in celebration of Earl refereeing over 100,000 matches, TNA would be doing a deal where they sell the "Damn right I did it" Earl Hebner shirts for $10 and Earl would be there to autograph them. This promotion went on for about 20-25 minutes while stage hands checked out the ring to make sure it was still functioning correctly.

Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam

Magnus received little crowd reaction, but the crowd popped and many sang along to RVD's entrance music

Crowd was into this match despite its often slow pacing and little ring psychology. Had some okay back and forth with RVD hitting his signature moves and the five star for the win.

After the match RVD played to the crowd and made his way to the back and So Cal Val announced the winner of the $200 merchandise drawing.

James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

Bobby Roode made his way to the ring with by far the most heat of the night. Lots of boos and trash talking from the crowd. James Storm makes his way out with a beer in hand receiving the second largest pop of the night.

Roode and Storm have to choose their tag partners out of an envelope by order of Hulk Hogan as announced by So Cal Val. Roode choose Aries and Storm chooses Hardy. Aries is well received by the crowd, but Hardy by far got the biggest pop of the night likely due to being from Carolina and the several kids in attendance.

Throughout the match Roode avoids fighting Storm as much as humanly possible. Whenever Aries squared off against Storm or Hardy, they would start off with a hand shake out of respect. It was easily the match of the night with Storm and Hardy winning after Aries gets fed up with Roode back peddling and running away the whole match. Roode was hit with a super kick, Brain buster from Aries and a swanton from Hardy to finish the match.

After the match, Aries gets on the mic and hands the ring over to Hardy to celebrate with his creatures of the night to close out the show.

Other notable moments that happened were a "CM Punk" chant when Aries got on the mic proclaiming to be the best in the world. "Yes" and "No" chants happened during a few of the matches. At some point during the night, four people were offered the chance to meet RVD by simply spinning a wheel.

Overall it was a really good show and everyone that I saw upon leaving looked completely satisfied with how the show went.

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