TNA Live Event Results From Raleigh, NC (9/22): Storm & Hardy Team Up, More

Thanks to reader Chris for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Raleigh, NC:

There was a meet and greet from 5:30-6:30 with Gail Kim and some others in attendance. They were pitching really hard for people to buy a Jeff Hardy action figure for $30 to get the meet and greet with him. Outside the gate they were having people fill out surveys including questions such as favorite wrestlers, TV channels and Knockouts. I found it odd Velvet Sky was still listed, kind of implying she is still some how affiliated with the company. They also had Direct Auto Insurance agents offering out ballots for one lucky person to win $200 in tna merchandise.

Once gates opened, a whole lot of nothing was going on for an hour other than the meet and greet for the fans that either bought the Jeff Hardy figure or had $50 or higher tickets. There was an Austin Aries look-a-like in attendance that was a local, he was easily an Aries doppelganger... just slightly less muscular.

The show starts with the introduction of So Cal Val, who was the ring announcer for the evening.

Gunner (w/ Kid Kash) vs Mr. Anderson

Gunner was met with a decent amount of cheers coming down the entrance way. He looks far larger in person than on TV. Mr. Anderson came out to a mixed reaction surprisingly, the crowd came off as very mixed when it came to him. Anderson did his normal summoning of the mic from the rooftop, which was ineffective considering it was an outdoor event. Eventually Val gives Anderson a mic and he hypes the crowd up calling them his assholes and referring to Kash and Gunner as douchebags. The match starts with Gunner attacking Anderson from behind while still on the mic.

Gunner was in control in the beginning until Kash gets caught interfering from the ref and was thrown out of the area. There was some decent back and forth in the match but Anderson ultimately got the win after two mic checks on Gunner. It appeared Gunner botched the first one so Anderson gave him a second for good measure.

After the match, Anderson got on mic again and said he has been doing the same echoing of his name monicker for the last 12 years and he has grown tired of it. He took the mic down to the front row and let a young boy do the "Mister Anderson... Anderson!" schtick into the mic, which got the crowd really on his side. Anderson's music hit and he left.

Gail Kim vs Mickie James

Gail Kim comes out to a decent pop followed by Mickie James, who got one of the bigger pops of the night. Before the match can start, Gail Kim accuses referee Earl Hebner of not being able to call a Knockouts match fairly and gets him replaced with referee Brain Stiffler. Once Stiffler is in the ring, Gail flirts with him before the start of the match.

The match was solid with a good pace, including some spots on the outside of the ring. Gail worked Mickie's knee for most of the match to set up for the octopus lock. The crowd was over for Mickie the majority of the match. Notable moments were a close count with a top rope Lou Thesz press by Mickie, Gail nearly pulling off eat defeat and a reversal off Mickie's spike DDT. Gail got the victory with a quick roll up and grabbing the ropes.
After the match, the crowd booed Gail for cheating and Gail convinced the ref she was going to kiss him. The ref held his eyes closed waiting for Gail to kiss him and she ran off to the back.

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