Source: PWInsider

- JBL is currently in Tanzania and is already into the climb of Africa's tallest peak - Mount Kilimanjaro. He has several days left of climbing.

- Titus O'Neil teased on Twitter that he and Darren Young will do another attack on tonight's RAW. Last week they attacked Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. The two teams may wrestle in a tag match on tonight's show.

- As noted earlier, Wade Barrett has named his new elbow finisher The Souvenir. A fan provided the following explanation and Barrett agreed:

"Is it because the impact is so devastating , it stays with you permanently?"

- PWInsider reports that WWE's new deal with Hulu is apparently worth millions of dollars to the company. We should know more about the deal once WWE files their quarterly stock earnings. You can sign up for a free Hulu Plus trial by clicking here.

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