- Steve Austin began work on season 2 of CMT's Redneck Island yesterday.

- As of this writing, WWE's Hulu Plus channel contains last week's RAW, various Superstars episodes and the older NXT series. Last night's RAW should be up soon and from here on out, all WWE series will be added there the next day after they air. You can sign up for a free Hulu Plus trial by clicking here.

- Beth Phoenix says she feels betrayed after last night's RAW where Eve Torres accused her of attacking Kaitlyn. Beth tweeted:

"Thanks for making Beth Phoenix trend tonight @WWEUniverse....feeling so betrayed by the Divas lockerroom... I may not have always played nice, but I look my challenges in the face. @EveMarieTorres isnt a champ I respect. She is a liar."

- Beth also spoke to the WWE.com cameras after last night's RAW. Beth said she was betrayed in the ring when Eve laid her out with a neckbreaker. Alicia Fox walked up and accused her of being jealous. Beth insisted she was not the blonde mystery Diva who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions. Kaitlyn appeared next. Kaitlyn says she doesn't know what to believe.

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